MLB: Vladimir Guerrero Jr’s Weight Loss of 22 Pounds in 2022!


MLB: Vladimir Guerrero Jr's Weight Loss of 22 Pounds in 2022!

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. recently lost 22 pounds in a month. The 2022 weight loss was posted on Instagram by his trainer Jose Fortuna. He had also had a weight loss of 42 pounds when he trained offseason prior to the 2021 season.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a Dominican–Canadian professional baseball player who has played first baseman, third baseman, and designated hitter for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball (MLB). He made his major league debut in April 2019.

In 2021, Vladimir Guerrero had already led the major leagues in home runs, runs scored, and total bases. He was also voted to the AL All-Star roster in 2021, where he was voted MVP, the youngest to do so in All-Star Game history. He is widely considered to be one of MLB’s best active hitters.

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did Vladimir Guerrero Jr Lose?

22 pounds in a month. The latest development or rather deduction in the weight of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (@vladdyjr27) that has been shared with the public is that he, very impressively, became successful in shedding 22 pounds within a month, which seems like an impossible feat.

He resides in the news currently solely because of the tremendous weight loss. Not only because that was a lot of weight to lose in such a short time, but also due to the fact that Vladimir Guerroro Jr, ever since he started playing for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2019, has widely been a topic of discussion because of his weight.

In a post made on Instagram on 21 March by Jose Fortuna, the personal trainer of Vladimir Guerrero, he appreciated and gushed about the hard work put in and dedication shown by Vladimir in his training sessions.

Posting two comparative pictures; two mirror selfies taken at the same place understood to be separated by a month, of him side-by-side, Jose revealed that Vladimir was able to drop from 261lbs to 239lbs, which happened to be the exact goal set from him. The weight loss was very noticeable. In the after photo, Vladimir Guerrero is no longer sporting the potbelly.

Although an expert Jessica Crandall Snyder, a registered dietitian, and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has said that rapid weight loss could cause more problems than losing it gradually, so losing 22 pounds in the span of just one month could be unsustainable, people are excited for him all the same. Especially because he has been struggling in his career for the last few years due to the weight.

At 239 pounds, Vladimir Guerrero is, at present, at the lowest weight of his career in MLB. Prior to this, his weight had always been a kind of obstacle in the way of getting ahead in his baseball career. In 2019, it was revealed that the 23-year-old All-Star slugger was an MVP candidate for 2021, but he was slowed down due to his weight gain, by the ESPN analysts.

In 2020, it was reported that the baseball player showed up to the Blue Jays’ preseason training camp weighing 280 pounds, which was 30 pounds more than the listed weight of 250 pounds on

The weight gain was supposedly due to the months-long sports hiatus he had to take due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But what caused Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to gain all that weight that made him heavier than required for the game was less important. That year, he had to switch positions from third base to first base, which required less agility and speed.

Having realized that the only thing that could pose a proper hindrance in his sports career and stop him from advancing further was himself because of his weight, the Toronto Blue Jays player had decided on working on his weight and focusing on his physique since then. This jaw-drop-worthy 22 pounds weight loss is not the only dramatic weight loss Vladimir’s had in recent years.

Not happy with the way things turned out for him in 2020, ahead of the 2021 season, Vladimir worked hard and trained to the extreme to get in shape. In September 2020, he reached out to a trainer to help him maintain his body and reduce his weight. He got himself a trainer who agreed to work with him during the offseason before the team’s season had officially ended.

The following winter, the MLB player worked with the trainer four times a week for sessions 90-minute-long. Vladimir Guerrero also made changes to his diet. He cut out alcohol and sugar, eliminated late-night snacking, and ate smaller portions. He did everything in his power to get rid of the weight holding him back.

Vladimir Guerrero was happy to share that he had successfully shed 42 pounds during the offseason when he showed up for spring training in 2021.

His trainer Junior Rodriguez, speaking on what created a change in the attitude of his client about the weight thing, said in an interview that Vladimir was tired of being underestimated and feeling bad because of the physical level of performance which was bound to be affected by his weight.

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