Wayne Gretzky’s Plastic Surgery: His Secret to Anti-aging?


Wayne Gretzky’s Plastic Surgery: His Secret to Anti-aging? houseandwhips.com

Over the year, Wayne Gretzky has been accused of receiving numerous plastic surgery procedures including Botox and a facelift to prevent aging. However, the former NHL player has neither accepted nor denied the allegations.

Wayne Douglas Gretzky is a former professional ice hockey player and head coach from Canada. He played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for four different teams from 1979 to 1999, Based on numerous polls of hockey writers, ex-players, general managers, and coaches, he has been dubbed “the Great One” by several sportswriters, players, and the NHL itself.

Likely, Wayne Gretzky is the NHL’s all-time leading goal scorer, assist maker, and point scorer, with more career assists than any other player. Furthermore, he is the only NHL player who has scored 200 points or more four times in a single season.

Recently, the 62-year-old former professional player has been in highlight over the year due to his facial appearance. Many people have claimed that the 62-year-old player has undergone plastic surgery to look younger than his age. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Wayne Gretzky Has Been Suspected of Receiving Numerous Plastic Surgery Procedures to Prevent His Aging!

It’s been a long time since ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky (@WayneGretzky) has been alleged of plastic surgery. His before and after photos demonstrate that his face appears strange and unique when compared to before. His expression is feminine, indicating that something went awry. Of all, it isn’t only natural aging that has taken its toll on his face recently. Though his visage appears odder than before, he nonetheless appears young and ageless. Many people believe that he has received Botox and a facelift.

Wayne Gretzky before and after plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comWayne Gretzky before and after plastic surgery.
Image surgery: HOUSE & WHIPS

Plastic surgery, particularly Botox, and facelifts can help you maintain your performance. However, everyone should be aware that this is a risky method. Expert surgeons who use their skills effectively are the key to successful plastic surgery. Wayne Gretzky might have undergone unsuccessful plastic surgery. He appears younger, but he also appears more plastic.

Wayne Gretzky’s face seems tight but his odd appearance was rumored to be the product of a facelift treatment. His face appears to be excessively tight and not elastic for a man. This information helps to spread the myth that the athlete has indeed gone under the knife for a facelift. Though no one can confirm it, his before and after photos make us question whether his facelift claims are accurate.

Aside from the facelift, the sportsman is said to have been injecting Botox into his face. Botox can be observed in his forehead, which appears higher and more elevated than previously. At times, his face appears rather feminine. It should come as no surprise that many feel he received a botox injection to augment the previous facelift treatment.

However, Wayne Gretzky has yet not disclosed any information about receiving any plastic surgery procedures. All of the above speculations are based on the assumption. We’ll get back to you soon as we are able to gain more information regarding  Gretzky’s transformation.

Who Is Wayne Gretzky’s Wife?

Wayne Gretzky, widely regarded as the greatest ice hockey player of all time, is married to his lovely wife Janet Jones (@janetgretzky). The couple first met on Dance Fever in 1984, when Wayne was a judge and Janet was one of the dancers. Later, Janet became engaged to Vitas Gerulaitis in 1985, but fate had other plans as Janet’s engagement with Vitas ended in divorce in 1987.

The next year, Wayne and Janet got another chance to meet at a Los Angeles game. On that day, Janet Jones, an American actress, and well-known NHL player Wayne Gretzky actually got connected. Along the way, the two felt drawn to each other and began dating.

Wayne Gretzky and his wife, Janet Jones. houseandwhips.comWayne Gretzky and his wife, Janet Jones.
Image Source: Firstsportz

Later, Wayne proposed to Jones romantically after some dating and getting to know each other, and on June 16, 1988, they married in a spectacular ceremony at St. Joseph’s Basilica in Edmonton, in front of 700 relatives and friends. Furthermore, Janet’s wedding dress, which cost roughly $40,000, was gorgeous. Their wedding was broadcast live across Canada, making it a national occasion.

The couple’s relationship has never had any problems and is still going strong. The couple gave birth to five children together. Their children are all happy and fulfilled. They have a huge family, and because of their celebrity, nasty allegations have sometimes been spread about them and their family, but this duo has handled everything with grace. The audience adores both Wayne and Jones.