Where Was A Paris Proposal Filmed? Check Out The Filming Locations of the Hallmark Movie!

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Where Was A Paris Proposal Filmed? Check Out The Filming Locations of the Hallmark Movie!

Where was A Paris Proposal filmed? Well, Paris, obviously but not just Paris. In France, M Social Hotel Paris Opera and Institut de France served as the filming locations for the Hallmark movie. Besides France, some portions of A Paris Proposal were also filmed in Sofia in Bulgaria. The shooting took place at Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan and the Sofia airport. The principal photography began in November 2022 and lasted for about 23 days or so.

Valentine’s Day is over but still, if you are in the mood to cozy up on the couch watching romantic movies then, you can just stream a new Hallmark movie that’s now available on Peacock TV. A Paris Proposal seems like just the right way to spend a few hours. It’s such a cute love story that you just shouldn’t miss. It’s about two advertising agency employees Anna and Sebastian. Watch them go from being coworkers to lovers on their work trip to Paris.

So, what happens in A Paris Proposal is that Anna and Sebastian are sent to Paris to finalize a deal with Durand Diamonds’ account. And they almost land the account after they manage to convince the clients to come on board as they impress them with their distinctive pitching styles. Except they end up in a tricky situation when the client mistakes them for a happy couple. And now, they must fake being in love as they get on each other’s nerves and try to balance the professional partnership.

If that’s not the most interesting setup, I don’t know what is. The characters have a conflicting dynamic with each other. They are adversaries but they are falling for one another. While their equation and their bickering as they slowly fall in love with each other is great to watch, the backdrop of the movie has also captivated the viewers. The visuals of the movie are simply stunning. Director Jessica Harmon has encapsulated the beauty of the location, the architecture, and the aesthetics in the Hallmark movie very impressively.

If you are wondering where was A Paris Proposal filmed, then continue reading to learn more about the filming locations of the romantic movie.

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Where was a Paris Proposal Filmed? France and Bulgaria Served as the Filming Locations of the Hallmark Movie!

I think it can’t get clearer from the name of the movie that A Paris Proposal was filmed in Paris. Anna and Sebastian have to go to Paris for their work where they eventually fall in love and spoiler alert, one proposes to the other. So, yeah, Paris is one of the most prominent filming locations of the Hallmark movie.

The principal photography began in November 2022 and ended after approximately 23 days or so. Not all of the shooting was in Paris in France, however. Some of the filmings was also done in Bulgaria. Both these countries are goldmines for scenic backdrops that are perfect for a romantic movie like A Paris Proposal. Let’s just say that viewers are very happy that director Jessica Harmon decided to deviate from the standard Hallmark movie which is filmed in Canada and chose France and Bulgaria as filming locations.

It might be because the name of the film already suggests that the film is set in Paris but either way, we are served with that picturesque beauty so, it’s a win for the viewers. Let’s just enjoy how the City of Lights illuminated the movie with its stunning architecture and beautiful Eiffel Tower. Also, the portions that were filmed in and around the M Social Hotel Paris Opera were magnificent to watch because it was such a grandiose hotel with a medieval design but with all modern amenities.

Some of the other filming locations of A Paris Proposal are the Institut de France which is a French-learned society that is located near the famous Seine river and Sacré-Cœur. An entire frame is filmed in the dome of Institut de France, the Seine river, and captures the Pont Des Arts bridge which connects to the Louvre Palace, which is a place of great historical significance for the French. While in one scene, the couple is filmed walking outside the Sacré-Cœur, or The Basilica of Sacré Coeur de Montmartre. It was declared a national historical monument in December 2022.

Besides France, A Paris Proposal was also filmed in Bulgaria. The Hallmark movie has a lot of scenes of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. It is one of the most cost-efficient countries for shooting in Europe and filmmakers can obtain a permit without any hassle which makes for a great filming location. The urban neighborhood of Oborishte served as one of the shooting sites for the Hallmark movie.

Some scenes were shot outside a terminal at Sofia Airport which is the main international airport in Bulgaria. Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, a luxurious 5-star hotel also served as one of the filming locations of the Hallmark production.

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