Where was Brazen Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations in Vancouver, Canada!


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Where was Brazen Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations in Vancouver, Canada!

Brazen was filmed entirely in Canada, mostly around Vancouver, British Columbia. Netflix filming locations for Brazen are St. John’s Shaughnessy Church, located at 1490 Nanton Avenue, and Diocese of New Westminster’s Synod Offices, at 1410 Nanton Avenue.

The crime drama film Brazen, directed by Monika Mitchell, is based on Nora Roberts‘ literary work Brazen Virtue. The mystery, involving an impressive list of cast, starts following Kathleen’s demise, whose life appeared to be without flaws or an apparent adversary.

Kathleen, were you living a double life? To unravel the riddle, Grace, her sister, and famed novelist, must resist police investigators and go down the rabbit hole to discover the answers.

Grace, on the other hand, points out that this is really happening, not fantasy, and that she may be the next target on the killer’s hit list. The viewer is kept wondering by the story inside the story, and the convoluted intrigue unfolds like the layers of an onion.

The majority of the story takes place in Kathleen’s run-down Washington, DC community, while Grace recounts it in an amphitheater. You may have pondered, though, where Brazen was filmed. If that is, in fact, the case, allow us to satisfy your appetite!

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Where was Brazen Filmed?

Brazen on Netflix was filmed entirely in Canada, particularly all across Vancouver. Filming began on 15th March 2021, and shooting was completed on 21st April, the same year.

Monika Mitchell, the double citizen of the United States and Canada, elected to shoot the film in the latter nation for a variety of obvious reasons. The project’s visual direction was handled by Jason Ray, the artistic director of Virgin River.

Sean Kirkby was the show’s principal production designer. Because of Canada’s world-class film manufacturing plants, bright climate, advantageous currency rate, and welcoming atmosphere, many US studios, including the majors, send their projects north of the border.

Let us now transport you to the precise areas where the movie was shot!

Brazen Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia

The majority of Brazen was shot mostly around Vancouver, despite the fact that it is set in Washington, DC. Vancouver is one of the world’s most dynamic and spirited places to live in.

While it’s one of the most pricey cities in the country, the British Columbia seaside metropolis compensates with a beautiful perspective of the hills and a thriving arts scene.

When the actors and crew arrived in the city, they were required to isolate themselves for a couple of weeks. However, once the restriction period was through, lead star Alyssa Milano went for a walk by the waterfront and documented the moment with her followers.

A substantial portion of the filming took place early in the timetable at a church. St. John’s Shaughnessy Church, an Anglican chapel situated at 1490 Nanton Avenue in Vancouver, had an unusual St. Patrick’s Day when the staff took over the church on 17th March.

The filming also happened at the Diocese of New Westminster’s Synod Offices, located at 1410 Nanton Avenue, relatively close to the church.

On the day in question, media sources stated that visuals from a funeral were being recorded. The extras remained at the Trendell Lounge in the parish’s Administration Building, which is located on the church grounds.

Brazen is currently streaming on Netflix.

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