Where was Last Man Down Filmed? Movie Locations Explored!


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Where was Last Man Down Filmed? Movie Locations Explored!

The details of the filming locations of Last Man Down have not emerged yet. Last Man Down is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the pandemic has wreaked havoc in the world. The protagonist of the movie is living cut off from the rest of the world in a forest.

Last Man Down is an action-thriller movie directed by Fansu Njie, who is known for having directed films like Senja Chronicles, Restrainer, and Bad Dreams.

The movie stars Daniel Stisen, Daniel Nehme, Olga Kent, Stanislav Yanevski, Madeleine Vall, Stephanie Siadatan, and Natassia Malthe.

Last Man Down is available for streaming on Netflix only in selected regions since mid-February, 2022.

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Where was Last Man Down Filmed?

There is no information available of the locations where the movie Last Man Down was filmed. Even IMDb does not have any details regarding the filming locations.

The protagonist of Last Man Down is seen living isolated from the rest of the world in a forest. So, some forest has been used to shoot the movie.

The official synopsis of the Saban film by Rotten Tomatoes mentions that ‘after civilization succumbs to a deadly pandemic and his wife is murdered, John Wood — a special forces soldier — abandons his duty and becomes a recluse in the Nordic wilderness.’ It could have been filmed where it is set or not.

What Happens in Last Man Down?

Last Man Down is set in a post-apocalyptic world where civilization is ravaged after a pandemic. In a fiction that is eerily similar in that a pandemic has plagued the earth (in the movie, it’s just Europe), half of the population has been wiped off from Europe.

The remaining ones still standing are moving up north for the chances of survival are greater there. There they will be able to survive in isolated habitats.

The movie begins with our protagonist John Woods, a special forces operative being questioned about the disappearance of 500 people. On being questioned continuously but failing to come up with a satisfying answer (looks like lying is not his forte), he repeats the same answer to his suspicious inquirer, who is Commander Stone. He is the antagonist of the movie by the way who, at this point is frustrated with Wood not answering.

He holds Woods responsible for 500 people disappearing somewhere, which Woods denies every time he is asked about it. In order to extract the truth from him, Commander Stone threatens him with his wife’s life.

But that does not work and to punish him, Stone kills his wife on Last Man Down. But also because his wife had to be killed because she was infected and a million lives shouldn’t be risked for one person.

The movie then takes a leap of three years. And the protagonist is seen living an isolated life in what is now already a scattered world. After the murder of his wife, he lives off the grid in his woodland home, chopping wood to maintain his physique because the movie is an action movie and grieving the death of his wife, which could be used as a motivation to fight the villain, Commander Stone.

We know he’s the villain of this story because he murders Wood’s wife because according to him, ‘Woods chose that over revealing the locations of some strangers’, but we know the onus is on Stone whatever he might say. But is he really the antagonist if he was forced to kill the wife to save a million lives as the wife was infected as he later says? The movie is a little confusing!

However, his villainry is confirmed on the arrival of a wounded woman named Maria Johnson. Maria happens to stumble onto John’s cabin. After she is confident that she is safe with him, she reveals that she is in fact the living vaccine of the virus.

And Commander Stone is after her because he wants to have it and she is on the run because the one controlling the vaccine controls the virus and the one controlling the virus controls the life.

So, there comes the urgency to take Stone down. Luckily for Maria, John happens to be buff and badass and someone who had his wife killed at Stone’s hands, who then prepares to fight the Commander. A long fight scene ensues and unsurprisingly, Stone is taken down as intended.

And Woods is about to be killed as well on Last Man Down but Maria saves him by handing herself to the Stone’s men.

At the end of the movie, the vaccine is in control of the bad guys but she has left behind a vial of her blood at Wood’s cabin with a note for him that said to help the people who need cure with her blood. And forgot to mention this, so here it goes- Stone is revealed to be Wood’s brother.

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