Where was Lilies of the Field Filmed? Discover the Location of the Chapel!


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Where was Lilies of the Field Filmed? Discover the Location of the Chapel!

Lilies of the Field was filmed on Tucson’s northern outskirts, between Sabino Canyon and Cloud Road. The chapel gates were sculpted by local Tucson craftsman Charles Bolsius and taken from the Cathedral in Sasabe, Arizona. Lilies of the Field stars Sidney Poitier as Homer Smith. Find details of the filming locations and where exactly the film takes place.

Lilies of the Field is a drama movie that premiered in theaters in 1963. The premise of this film centers around a traveling guy who assists a group of nuns in realizing their dream of building a church on a deserted island.

The film was helmed by Ralph Nelson, and the screenplay was written by William E Barrett. Even now, this black-and-white picture has a devoted fan base due to its heartfelt message and outstanding performances.

The majority of Lilies of the Field was filmed in Tucson, Arizona, in several locales. The movie was shot with only a few items of equipment and yet left an indelible impression on the viewers.

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Where was Lilies of the Field filmed?

The majority of Lilies of the Field was shot in Arizona, in the United States. According to IMDb, a few scenes of this film were shot in Tucson, Arizona, because the environment was ideal for the movie’s premise.

In several scenes, a young man named Homer Smith is seen driving his high-tech car around Arizona. The environment of Lilies of the Field features gorgeous green areas and smooth roads.

The filming settings have much to do with the movie’s passionate concept. Some scenes in this film were taken in Tucson’s Sabino Canyon, while others were filmed on Kinney Road in Old Tucson.

The Sierrita Mountains in Arizona are also included in a couple of shots of this drama film. A few images in this movie also feature the Tucson Mountains and Tanque Verde Falls.

Where is the Chapel from Lilies of the Field?

Lilies of the Field was completed in November 1962, and the picture was released the following year. In certain scenes, the lead character, Homer Smith, is shown constructing a chapel for the Nuns despite their repeated attempts to convince him.

The church is built on uninhabited ground, and this portion of the picture was shot in Arizona’s the Sonoran Desert. Some of this piece was also shot at the Ironwood Forest National Monument in Arizona.

Fans were blown away by the substance of Lilies of the Field, which went on to become a tremendous box office success.

The filming locations for Lilies of the Field also played a significant influence in the film’s popularity, as these locales have widespread appeal. The area is well-known for its daring deserts and the folk’s long tradition.

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