Where was ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Filmed?


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Grab the filming location details & some intriguing facts about Hulu’s latest drama Nine Perfect Strangers.

Those who’ve watched the latest Hulu drama series Nine Perfect Strangers might’ve been intrigued by its unique storyline, unlike other mainstream. Matter of fact, Nine Perfect Stranger is adapted from The New York best-selling book by Liane Moriarty.

And with that, a majority of fans also seem to be curious to know the location of the lavish Tranquillim House which is used for healing and treatment of the nine strangers. So in order to answer all the questions, ahead, we present you with all the details,

Where was Nine Perfect Strangers Filmed?


Nine Perfect Strangers is being directed by Jonathan Levin, who shared a massive issue while shooting the series. Levine told Newsweek,

“We were originally going to shoot this show in LA,” “Then we were a week away from building all these sets on the Paramount lot in mid-March but we quickly realized that was not possible.”

But due to pandemics and lockdown, the Hulu production team had to shift the production to Australia, as most of the production was Australian. The series has been filmed in Byron Bay, Australia.

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