Where was BTS Permission to Dance Filmed? US or Korea!


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BTS Permission to Dance shooting location

Grab all details of where BTS latest music video ‘Permssion to Dance’ filmed ahead of the article.

BTS army! By now you guys might definitely have heard their brand new music video of Permission to Dance official music video. And with that, a majority of fans also seem to be curious to know where the music video was shooted as the place seemed beautiful with nature and desert-themed set. Kind of reminded of the One Direction Steal My Girl Music video.

The music video starts in a motel, and the BTS stars make their dashing debut on the music video with their unique style, dress-up, and choreography. Well, TBH the music video was dope ?

Where was ‘Permission to Dance’ Filmed?

If we look over the internet then you guys can hear many rumors & predictions regarding the shooting location of the music video. A majority of fans predicted the shooting location to be in California or the Arizona Desert.

BTS Permission to Dance Filming Location Behind the Scene of Permission to Dance Set Builtup by mue.artwork.
Image Source: MU: E’s Nomad Instagram.

However, it doesn’t seem to be the exact location because it would’ve been difficult for the entire production team to fly all over the United States and conduct shooting of the music video. And as a fact, it didn’t happen as well.

All thanks to a Reddit user named Howlingautumn, who shared that the set was built from scratch in South Korea. And adding more clarity to the shooting location, the set was designed by Mu:E artwork. You guys can check more of their artwork from Mu:E.

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