Where was The Song to My Heart Filmed? Locations Explored!


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Where was The Song to My Heart Filmed? Locations Explored!

The specifics of the filming locations of The Song to My Heart have not been disclosed. But watching the movie, it can be seen that The Song to My Heart is filmed in a small quiet town.

The Song to My Heart is a musical movie that revolves around the romance between a woman with a keen sense of poetry but disdain for melody, and a man full of melody but lacking the words with which to fill the melody.

It is a UPtv movie that aired on February 20. The movie is directed by Paula Elle and stars Lanie McAuley, Sebastian Pigott, Martin Cummins.

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Where was The Song to My Heart Filmed?

The Song to My Heart is a love story where a woman finds her love by following music that she hates out of spite.

Since, in the movie, Ryder Jamison – the main character is looking for inspiration to come up with material for his album, so he goes seeks it out in a small, relatively quiet, suburban area (because obviously busy cities are hardly the place for it).

There, he happens to come across Bonnie – a proprietor of a small teashop in the town, we know that The Song to My Heart is filmed in a small suburban area even though we don’t know the specifics of where. It’s not known if the interior scenes of teashop are filmed in a studio or actual teashop.

The information about the filming locations of The Song to My Heart is not available. There’s no mention about where the film has been shot even in IMDb.

What Happens in The Song to My Heart?

A woman named Bonnie Highstreet opens a new organic teashop. She is a normal woman in every aspect, except when it comes to music. Our protagonist does not like music and wants nothing to do with music.

This despite having a musician who has topped charts for father, but turns out her weird disliking of music is due to the fact that her father’s a musician. Her father is a legendary singer-songwriter Hank Highstreet. As a part of his job, he went around and traveled everywhere doing concerts and shows.

And along with him to wherever he went he dragged his daughter. That took a toll on Bonnie which turned her off to music forever. Or maybe it could be the children thing where they are always embarrassed by their parents and are annoyed with everything they are associated with.

And she carried this thing well into adulthood which has turned her into a music-hating woman. But don’t you worry about that because the movie’s title is The Song to My Heart, and you can guess how this is going to go down.

Another thing to note about her is her poetry. Whatever she thinks, she must write it, and usually, the things she thinks are gold and transform into a meaningful poem.

And we have our hero – a musical one, Ryder Jamison. In fact, he is a musician who is on a deadline to write music and is looking for inspiration. And lo and behold, he crosses paths with the right person. He spots Bonnie at a poetry-reciting.

Impressed by her way with words, Ryder talks to Bonnie about his situation about how he is working on his album but has the melody only and is severely struggling to write lyrics and asks if she could help him out.

At first, Bonnie’s like ‘I don’t like lyrics, I write poetry’ but decides to help him anyway. Working together, they grow close. Bonnie reveals to Ryder that she was once engaged to a man called Jason Allen who stole her song.

When Ryder later gives her song Home for My Heart to an agent without asking her, she feels betrayed. He argues that he didn’t take the credits for the song but the damage is done.

So, will Bonnie ever be able to forgive Ryder and move past that? I am just kidding because of course they will because it’s a light-hearted movie that is utterly predictable.

After some nudging by her father in the right direction, who thinks of Ryder sending her song as a push in the right direction, Bonnie forgives Ryder, gets over her disregard for music.

So, in the end, everyone loves music, Bonnie and Ryder realize and acknowledge their love for each other and get together, and happily ever after.

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