Whoopi Goldberg’s Weight Gain: Has The View Host Gained Weight? How Much Does She Weigh Now?


Whoopi Goldberg's Weight Gain: Has The View Host Gained Weight? How Much Does She Weigh Now?

Whoopi Goldberg had to address her weight gain after a reviewer commented on her figure saying that she was wearing a distracting fat suit when they were reviewing her movie Till. The EGOT winner clarified that she was not wearing a fat suit and it was her real body in the movie. Whoopi Goldberg had undergone a weight gain of 30 pounds in 2021 because of the steroid treatment she had to receive for her sciatica.

Whoopi Goldberg is an American actor, comedian, author, and television personality who currently cohosts The View. She is a very phenomenal actress, one of the great ones truly. She excels at everything she does. You can see that in the numerous accolades she has won in her career.

She happens to be one of the 17 entertainers to win the EGOT, which includes an Emmy Award,  a Grammy Award, an Oscar (Academy Award), and a Tony Award. In 2001, she was honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. She has hosted the Academy Awards ceremony four times.

Since 2007, Whoopi Goldberg has been a part of the daytime talk show The View. She has been co-hosting and moderating it for about 16 years now. She has won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host for her stint on the show. Because she regularly appears on television, people are used to seeing her so, they notice the big changes in her body, especially big weight fluctuations.

She has made headlines numerous times for her weight gain. She also recently did a movie Till, where she looked a bit bigger leading some people to think she had worn a fat suit when it was not the case. Since then, the questions like ‘how fat is she’ and ‘has she gained weight?’ are seen everywhere on the internet. Let’s talk about Whoopi Goldberg’s weight gain!

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Whoopi Goldberg’s Weight Gain: The EGOT Winner Gained 30 Pounds in 2021; She Was Not Wearing a Fat Suit in the Movie!

Whoopi Goldberg (@whoopigoldberg) underwent a weight gain of 30 pounds in 2021.

‘Has Whoopi Goldberg gained weight?’ Well, her weight gain has been making headlines these days. ‘How fat is she?’ Don’t be crude and mean about it even if you can’t help your curiosity. Especially when she has made it clear that she doesn’t want her weight to be discussed and wants an end to the comments on her figure. She may have gotten bigger but she doesn’t want to talk about that.

Just about four months ago, in October 2022, Whoopi Goldberg addressed a demeaning and presumptive comment about her weight given by an ill-informed critic, who reviewed her film Till while she was on The View. She had a big and exciting weekend with her movie, which she not just starred in but produced as well, premiering at the New York Film Festival. But it was all ruined when people couldn’t help but remark on her weight and she had no choice but to address her weight gain.

After Whoopi Goldberg said that she was very proud of the movie and was happy to be a part of it, she also opened up about how a review of the movie had hurt her because it was not really a review of the movie but of her body, which was not up for unnecessary remarks and judgments. The View host was reminded of her weight gain with that review when she was seeking a critical analysis of her performance.

After reading the review, Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t be bothered about the reviewer’s stance on the movie because all she could think of was the comment in the piece that mentioned her figure. The reviewer wrote something about her wearing a distracting fat suit throughout the movie when in reality, she had not worn a fat suit at all. It was just her after a weight gain.

In a time when fat-shaming and body-shaming were acceptable in the culture, the moment would have led to just some cricket noises. ‘The fat suit you were wearing in the movie was so distracting.’ ‘I was not wearing a fat suit.’ It would be considered good humor. But now, it’s just plain unnecessary and Whoopi Goldberg was especially hurt by it because her weight gain was caused by a health issue she had. Even if it wasn’t, nobody likes hearing that their true body looks like if someone had worn a fat suit. She hit back at the comment during The View’s broadcast,

I don’t really care about how you felt about the movie, but you should know that was not a fat suit, that was me. That was me. That was steroids. Remember last year? I assume you don’t watch the show, or you would know that was not a fat suit. It’s OK not to be a fan of the movie, but you want to leave people’s looks out. Just comment on the acting. And if you have a question, ask somebody. I’m sure you didn’t mean to be demeaning.

Whoopi Goldberg had taken a break from The View in mid-2021 for a short because she was dealing with some health issues which ultimately led to weight gain. She gained about 30 pounds then. Upon her return, she explained that she was out because she was dealing with something called sciatica. She said that it was basically a bulging disc in your back that impacts the sciatic nerve and sends pain down your leg. She compared it to a bad boyfriend coming back to mess with her.

The actress had a hard time with that. Whenever she tried to move her leg, she couldn’t do that. It seemed impossible to her. She had to use a walker to help deal with her health condition. That’s how bad it was. The steroid treatment must have relieved Whoopi Goldberg from all that pain. It did cause weight gain but she was fine with it. If only, the fat suit comment had not been made. It was the lack of research by the reviewer who wrote the article for Daily Beast. Now, the story’s been updated to reflect it was an incorrect assertion, but the damage is done.

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