Is Wilmer Valderrama Gay in Real Life? Is Fez Gay in That ’90s Show?


Is Wilmer Valderrama Gay in Real Life? Is Fez Gay in That '90s Show?

Wilmer Valderrama has sparked speculations that he is gay ever since he played Fez in That ’70s Show because of how effeminate the character is and also, his body language and mannerisms. The reboot That ’90s Show in which Fez was a hairdresser reminded people of his ambiguous sexuality which has once again led fans to wonder if he is gay. Some wonder if Wilmer Valderrama himself is gay in real life. 

One thing That ’90s Show deviates from the original show That ’70s Show is in its queer representation. While the spin-off has adapted to the times and has included at least one gay character they portrayed beautifully – Ozzie‘s coming out story was not made a joke and was done smoothly – the original show could be said to be a product of its time as well where there were no gay characters. They did, however, make one character have effeminate traits and lean into gay stereotypes without ever defining his sexuality. For that reason, many still think Fez from That’ 70s Show is gay and some even think Wilmer Valderrama is too though he just portrays a man with ambiguous sexuality.

Is Fez from That ’70s Show Gay in Real Life? Is Wilmer Valderrama Gay? Fans Think His Character in That ’90s Show is!

Fez from That ’70s Show has always been a very curious creature when it comes to his sexuality. People were reminded of that on That ’90s Show. But because he has never been labeled as straight or gay made many think that it’s just Wilmer Valderrama (@wilmervalderrama). But if you sharpen your observation skills, you will find it is about the character and not the man playing it. So, to people who ask if Wilmer Valderrama is gay in real life, just check out his dating history full of young beautiful women.

The fact that Fez is not very masculine and a man’s man is very telling that he may not be straight but he is never portrayed as anything but. He’s just the one with ambiguous sexuality who seems to have been created to attract gay audiences. Wilmer Valderrama does a great job playing effeminate Fez who exhibits a lot of traits that a gay person stereotypically does. And so, not only is his character’s sexuality questioned, his is too. Though I don’t think that’s much of a question. William Valderrama is definitely not gay in real life but his character in That ’70s Show could be.

There are many allusions in the sitcom that Fez is gay or bisexual if not gay. Maybe the makers chose to keep his sexuality ambiguous because being gay was not ‘cool’ back then so, they just made a character to cater to queer audiences without doing anything for their representation. How Fez seems to feel an affection for his male friends which many would deem sometimes goes beyond normal friendship has made even Wilmer Valderrama look gay. One could say that he’s just uninhibited and not scared to show emotions and it could be a cultural thing and just looks different to Americans. But that’s not the only allusion.

There have been a lot of discussions about the sexuality of Fez from That ’70s Show, especially on Reddit. Some people on Reddit have raised a lot of valid points to point out that the character portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama is gay or at least, bisexual. See, it’s much more than effeminate traits and body language, and gay stereotypes. It goes deeper into that which is what makes the ambiguity regarding his sexual orientation frustrating. He clearly cannot be plain straight. Fans sometimes consider him metrosexual due to some of his hobbies and accents but it’s so much more than just the hobbies and accents too.

One of the most blatant things regarding Fez’s sexual orientation, as per a Reddit user, is his attraction to Kelso. Fez does say that his appreciation for Kelso’s beauty is purely aesthetic but that’s such a lame excuse because if it was, he wouldn’t be having sex dreams about him. He also gets too protective, suspiciously protective, of Kelso when Kelso’s attacked and even threatens his attacker to ‘watch the face! that’s paycheck!’ And why does he kiss him, that too on the lips whenever they catch a fish by the lake? And he seems to be really into it. Wilmer Valderrama did great portraying Fez. Straight people don’t do that. Gay people, on the other hand, would probably love that.

Also, at one point in That ’70s Show, Fez himself thought that he was gay when he felt an attraction to a shirtless Kelso. It could be Wilmer Valderrama as well but it was the character too. He even competes in loving him the most. When Hyde and Eric jokingly tell ‘I love you Kelso’ at the police academy, Fez angrily and strongly and passionately and aggressively declares ‘I love you the most.’ Like, yes, you do and he should choose you over the other two. When Eric and Hyde tell him they were joking, he just awkwardly says that ‘so was I’ when it couldn’t be more obvious that he wasn’t. He’s so gay.

And why does Fez just assume that Kelso was talking about him when he said that he wants his baby to be happy? Kelso meant his child. And he does assume that but why is he so happy about that if he isn’t gay? Straight men would never get comfortable at the thought of other men calling them babies and to get a little bit toxic, they would even feel infantilized in an emasculating way about that. I bet Wilmer Valderrama wouldn’t like that.

Another thing to take into consideration before brushing Fez’s ambiguous sexuality off is the strange nature of his and Fenton‘s relationship. What did the makers mean when it was implied that he’s been on the end of Fenton’s stick? And was it alluding to some gay sex when it was said that Fenton went behind his back and take what was given to him by God himself? Fez does seem gay for that. But he ends up with a female love interest as shown in That ’90s Show, so, he might not be gay. However, he is a hairdresser and effeminate as always in That ’90s Show for him to be completely straight. At this point, it can no longer be just a running gag. He has to be bisexual in the least.

Wonder how Wilmer Valderrama would feel about the character he played! He has never addressed any speculations about Fez being gay and neither pushed any theories himself even when it was about the character he portrayed. He has not even addressed speculations that he himself is gay. I don’t think he would ever discuss Fez’s ambiguous sexuality.

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