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On April 18, 2022 By Rachel

Johnny Depp's Weight Gain in 2022: The Actor is Struggling to Stay Fit!

Johnny Depp has undergone some weight gain after the drama between him and his ex-wife. The Captain Jack Sparrow actor...
On April 17, 2022 By Rachel

The Ultimatum Filming Locations: Austin Marriott Downtown in Texas!

Netflix's The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On was filmed in Austin, Texas. The first few episodes of the series where...
On April 16, 2022 By Rachel

QVC: David Venable's House in Downingtown, PA Explored!

David Venable lives in a house he bought in Downingtown, Pennsylvania where he moved to for his job. From the...
On April 14, 2022 By Rachel

Jessica Simpson's Weight Gain: Her Weight Struggle Outlined!

Jessica Simpson has been gaining weight and losing it for a long time. Jessica received many hateful comments about her...
On April 12, 2022 By Rachel

Lana Del Rey's Weight Gain in 2022: Here's How Fans Reacted to Her Transformation!

Lana Del Rey has been targeted by body shamers and internet trolls for her weight gain for the last few...
On April 9, 2022 By Rachel

Valerie Bertinelli's Weight Gain: All the Facts Here!

Valerie Bertinelli's life has been a long battle with weight gain and body image issues for about six decades. Valerie...
On April 7, 2022 By Rachel

Jen Psaki's Husband Gregory Mecher: Details of Her Family & Kids!

Jen Psaki is happily married to her husband Gregory Mecher since 2010. Gregory is also on a democratic political side...
On April 5, 2022 By Rachel

Emily Engstler's Weight Loss: Here's How She Lost 50 Pounds!

Emily Engstler reportedly underwent a weight loss of 50 pounds last year. Fans are now curious to learn more about...
On April 3, 2022 By Rachel

PJ Fleck's Plastic Surgery: Facelift, Botox, Fillers & Eyelid Surgery!

PJ Fleck's plastic surgery is heavily speculated as his recent pictures don't seem to be natural. The rumors started after...
On April 2, 2022 By Rachel

Kristina Shannon's Weight Gain: Everything You Need to Know!

Kristina Shannon's weight gain is evident in her latest appearance. The ex-girlfriend of Huge Hefner was once Playboy slim and...
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