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On June 5, 2023 By Sharon

Taylor Hudson Weight Loss: Has David Dobrik's Assistant Lost Weight?

Taylor Hudson appears to have undergone a dramatic weight loss over the last three years. Fans are very much curious...
On June 3, 2023 By Sharon

Lauren Graham's Plastic Surgery: Has She Had a Nose Job?

Lauren Graham's ageless appearance has caused her fans to speculate she has had plastic surgery to aid her with the...
On June 1, 2023 By Sharon

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Plastic Surgery: Botox, Jaw Reduction, Eyelid Surgery & Fillers!

For years, allegations about Arnold Schwarzenegger's plastic surgery have circulated, ranging from jaw reduction to eyelid surgery to Botox and...
On May 30, 2023 By Sharon

Razor Ruddock’s Weight Loss Pictures: Did He Receive Surgery? How Much Weight Has He Lost?

Razor Ruddock has undergone 7 stone of weight loss after receiving gastric sleeve surgery. He now looks completely different than...
On May 28, 2023 By Sharon

Susan Sarandon's Plastic Surgery: The Actress Then and Now!

Susan Sarandon looks very young for her age which has led to people speculating that she has had plastic surgery....
On May 27, 2023 By Sharon

Danielle Harold's Boob Job: Has Lola From EastEnders Had Breast Implants?

Has Lola from EastEnders had a boob job? Many think it's very obvious that Danielle Harold had breast implants because,...
On May 26, 2023 By Sharon

Has Susanna Reid Had a Boob Job?

Recently, Susanna Reid has been accused of receiving a boob job since many people believe it has become bigger when...
On May 25, 2023 By Sharon

Jodie Marsh Weight Gain: She's Fat But Happier Than Ever!

Jodie Marsh has put on some extra pounds ever since launching a farm and she doesn't mind her weight gain...
On May 23, 2023 By Sharon

Reza (Rez) Made in Chelsea Plastic Surgery: Did He Have Botox and a Nose Job?

Reza (Rez) from Made in Chelsea looks just too perfect for him to not have had plastic surgery is what...
On May 22, 2023 By Sharon

Did Matt Damon Gain Weight for Stillwater?

Yes, Matt Damon did go through a significant weight gain change for his role as Bill Baker in Stillwater, which...
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