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On September 12, 2023 By Sharon

Alex Hall Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Cosmetic Procedures?

Alex Hall looks too perfect and stunning in an unrealistic way that has led the Selling the OC viewers to...
On September 11, 2023 By Sharon

Marion Bartoli’s Weight Gain: She Looks Much Healthier Than Before!

  Marion Bartoli's fans were relieved to see that she had a bit of a healthy weight gain in 2017...
On September 10, 2023 By Sharon

Kandi Burruss Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Has She Had?

Kandi Burruss has been refreshingly candid about getting plastic surgery. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has shared that she...
On September 7, 2023 By Sharon

Alexandra Breckenridge Weight Gain: Has She Gained Weight?

Alexandra Breckenridge's fans want to know what's up with the buzz about her weight gain on social media after the...
On September 5, 2023 By Sharon

Park Min-Young’s Plastic Surgery: What Is Her Secret?

Park Min-Young has openly admitted to receiving plastic surgery. Although she has only admitted to having double eyelid surgery and...
On September 4, 2023 By Sharon

Coleen Nolan Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight?

Coleen Nolan does not appear to have had a noticeable weight loss recently. But the singer may have been losing...
On September 1, 2023 By Sharon

Rick Ross Tummy Tuck: The Secret of His Weight Loss?

Rick Ross has had an impressive physical transformation after his weight loss and fans think tummy tuck is the secret...
On August 31, 2023 By Sharon

Logic Weight Gain: Did He Get Fat in 2023?

Logic has sparked weight gain speculations with his recent selfie on Instagram where he looked a bit chubbier and rounder...
On August 29, 2023 By Sharon

Sam Fender Weight Gain: Find the Real Cause!

Sam Fender has not spoken publicly about his recent weight gain. However, there are a few possibilities that may have...
On August 28, 2023 By Sharon

Does Nina Dobrev Have Tattoos in Real Life? Or Did She Get the Fake Ones, Including in Her Neck, for Out-Laws?

Many people wonder if Nina Dobrev has all the tattoos, like her character in Out-Laws, in real life. Well, she...
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