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On September 13, 2023 By Urban

Heidi Przybyla Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look So Young?

Heidi Przybyla is highly suspected of having plastic surgery to maintain her youthful looks because she is not even a...
On September 11, 2023 By Urban

Ronni Ancona's Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Work Done?

  Ronni Ancona is rumored to have had plastic surgery but these rumors have not been confirmed yet. She supposedly...
On September 10, 2023 By Urban

Liam Smith’s Weight Loss: What Diet Does He Follow?

Liam Smith's fans have been critiquing him for making an excuse in the name of weight loss for his recent...
On September 8, 2023 By Urban

Dr Max Gomez Weight Loss: Did He Have Some Kind of Illness?

Dr Max Gomez's followers want to know if the reason behind his weight loss is some sort of illness that...
On September 5, 2023 By Urban

Sutton Stracke Weight Loss: What's Up With Her Legs?

Sutton Stracke has sparked weight loss speculations after fans saw how skinny she looked in a now-deleted snap on Instagram....
On September 4, 2023 By Urban

Shekinah 90 Day Fiance Daughter: How Many Kids Does She Have?

Shekinah Garner from 90 Day Fiance mentioned in passing that she has a daughter who goes to boarding school. The...
On September 1, 2023 By Urban

Mitch McConnell Weight Loss: What's Up With His Health?

Mitch McConnell has sparked concerns among people with his minor but noticeable weight loss and the recent episodes of freezing....
On August 31, 2023 By Urban

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Loss: What Does She Look Like Now? Then and Now Pictures Examined!

People have observed that Jennifer Love Hewitt has recently undergone a weight loss transformation. If you compare her then and...
On August 29, 2023 By Urban

Jackie Sandler Plastic Surgery: How Has She Not Aged?

Jackie Sandler's plastic surgery speculations have increased following the release of You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah....
On August 28, 2023 By Urban

Simone Biles Plastic Surgery: Her Transformation Examined!

Many people believe Simone Biles has received plastic surgery as she has undergone a significant transformation over the years. However,...
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