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Young Royals is the new Netflix show about a young member of the Swedish Royal family who gets sent to a boarding school after an incident in a night club. The show is based in Sweden and some real places were chosen as part of the look of the LGBTQ themed show. So, for those wondering Young Royals filming locations are located within the Nordic country and we have got some details for you.

During the pride month Netflix brought in some LGBTQ themed stories to celebrate the month. Now with the celebrations winding down, the streaming platform is not stopping its roll. Young Royals brings gay love to the modern Royal family and if the trailer is anything to go by, the 6-episode first season will be an exploration of love, sexual exploration and duty.

Edvin Ryding is leading the show as Prince Wilhelm and the young prince is sent off to a private boarding school called Hillerska. While the school for elites is not real, the building that doubles as the school really exists. It large castle and its ground where the bulk of the show is set, that is not stage. The castle is called Kaggeholms slott and he is all the Young Royals filming location details.

Young Royals Filming Location – Is Hillerska a Real Place?

young-royals-filming-location-kaggeholms-slott-netflix-2021Kaggeholms slott serves as one of the major Young Royals filming locations of the new Netflix show.
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The premise of Young Royals sees Prince Wilhelm shipped off to a secluded and highly elite boarding school. Hillerska is a massive mansion type school where rich people in the country send their children. But there is no such school in Sweden but the massive mansion that doubles as the school is a real place that is located in the Nordic country and you can rent it.

Kaggeholms slott is a Young Royals filming location and it is a rentable castle where you have to play $2,557 per night to stay there. The castle doubles as school and its grounds, with the massive fountain, and wide landscapes is where the majority of the show is filmed. The castle is located in Ekerö, a few minutes away from Stockholm, Sweden.

So Hillerska is not a real school but the castle itself serves as a picturesque location. Parties on the green grounds that happen in the show are all filmed on the location. Now, you can go rowing in the river, but you can enjoy the fountains and lakes in the location.

Where Was the Royal Palace Scenes Shot?

In the first episode when the Prince Wilhelm gets into a fight and he needs to offer a public apology to the Swedish people. During the apology, he is seen inside a castle, which is a real place on the side of a lake within Sweden. For Young Royals filming location the crew chose Stora Sundby slott, located in Eskilstuna Municipality, Södermanland County.

As with the castle where the school is located, Stora Sundby is also rentlable. You can enjoy the castle as well as the outdoors where you can go on a hunting trip with friends. Duck shooting, Moose hunting, pheasant shooting are all recreational things you can do on your trip to the castle.

But the majority of the show is shot in Kaggeholms. With the two nonresidential students of the show residing near the school, with their filming being done in Stenhamra. While the football scenes from the show was shot in Träkvistavallen. All of the places serves to form the lustrous look of the Netflix series, Young Royals filming location helped form the look of the show.

Young Royals Coming to Netflix in July

Young Royals is a Swedish show coming to Netflix that shows a young prince coming to an elite school and finding his sexuality, love and reconciling who he is, with his duty as a future Royal. From his downfall to his self discovery, the first six-episodes of the series will show a young coming to grips with who really is and what he can be.

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According to the synopsis released by Netflix, “Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.” And the cast of the show is led by Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm with Omar Rudberg, and Malte Gårdinger also starring.

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