Met Gala 2022: Zanna Roberts Rassi’s Weight Loss Secret Revealed!


Met Gala 2022: Zanna Roberts Rassi’s Weight Loss Secret Revealed!

Zanna Roberts Rassi, the co-founder of Milk Makeup, has been a trendy topic on the internet since her weight loss as seen at Met Gala 2022 event. Rumors suggest she lost her weight because she might be suffering from some sort of illness. Follow the article to know more about Zanna Roberts Rassi’s weight loss appearance.

Zanna Roberts Rassi, born and raised in Manchester, UK, is a New York-based award-winning fashion and beauty journalist, stylist, television host, businesswoman, and co-founder of Milk Makeup. Rassi co-founded Milk Makeup in 2016 with her husband Mazdack Rassi, Dianna Ruth, and Georgie Greville. Zanna is currently the Fashion-Editor-at-Large for Marie Claire, an E! News fashion correspondent, and a Today Show fashion contributor, as well as a fashion stylist for the American retail chain Target and brands such as Adidas and Victoria’s Secret Zana.

Rassi interviews A-list celebrities and is a member of the E! Live from the Red Carpet team, which covers the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys. Her magnetic on-screen presence has made her a sought-after mentor, judge, stylist, and host on Project Runway All Stars (2012), Under the Gunn (2014), Glam Masters (2018),  and her mini-series, Commuter Beauty and W2W4.

During a Met Gala 2022 event, many viewers found a change in her appearance. It seems like she might have lost a few pounds. we” let’s have a glance at Zanna Roberts Rassi’s journey to weight loss.

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Zanna Roberts Rassi’s Weight Loss Journey: How Did the 40-Year-Old Entrepreneur Manage to Lose Her Weight?

When it comes to the personal life of celebrities, people automatically tend to be interested in such stories and whenever there’s news about celebrities’ personal life on the internet, it gets popular and trendy within minutes. In the same way, there’s the story of Zanna Roberts Rassi‘s weight loss journey and there are a lot of rumors going around about her gaining weight and the reasons behind it.

People on the internet have been eager to learn about Zanna Roberts Rassi’s weight loss journey. First and foremost, she gave birth to two beautiful twin girls, which resulted in the beauty journalist gaining weight. She lost the baby weight by breastfeeding her twins for long periods of time.

Zanna Rassi (@zannarassi), a fashion journalist, is also very conscious of her diet and the foods she consumes on a regular basis. She strongly believes and suggests to her fans that weight can be lost by maintaining a good diet plan. Many people on the internet were taken aback by Zanna’s transformation. Following her transformation, some speculated that she was suffering from an illness and sickness that had yet to be announced on the internet.

However, as in most cases, people’s speculations were incorrect, and Fashion Journalist Zanna Rassi is in perfect physical and mental health. In fact, the 40-year-old entrepreneur appears healthier and younger than others her age. According to her, the secret to having a perfect weight is a balanced diet and workout routines, and it is possible to stay fit at any age with proper motivation and willpower.

Rassi also does not do anything extreme for weight loss; she simply follows a healthy diet and works out. She was a little out of shape after giving birth to her two twins due to baby fat, but this is completely normal. She claims she lost baby fat quickly by breastfeeding her twins for long periods of time. She is currently a Marie Claire journalist and an inspiration to mothers everywhere. Zanna Roberts Grassi’s weight loss journey captivates women of all ages.

Losing weight or staying fit not only makes us look more attractive but also helps people gain some self-confidence. Zanna Rassi has become the source of motivation for women to focus on themselves positively. Zanna Roberts Rassi has huge followers on social media platforms where people are intrigued by her. Milk Makeup‘s co-founder was always fit and beautiful, so there isn’t much of a difference between how she looked before and after she lost weight.

Zanna Roberts Rassi on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’

Drew’s Crew to the Rescue Hour 2.0: Drew had assembled her Crew team of experts to assist viewers in resolving issues ranging from fashion to food to hair and remodeling. Zanna Roberts Rassi transformed one couple to help them break out of their stay-at-home rut. Mikel Welch, a celebrity interior designer, has shared a low-cost DIY version of the trendy weathered vase look.

Then, hairstylist extraordinaire Chris Appleton demonstrates his step-by-step method for creating the perfect messy bun. Pilar Valdes, the co-author of Rebel Homemaker, also shared her favorite slow cooker recipes for dinner and dessert.

Our Drew Crew celebrity experts Zanna Roberts Rassi and Mikel Welch answered audience questions about beauty and design, such as which furniture pieces are worth investing in and which should be avoided if possible.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur when asked about tips to keep ourselves falling into that rut gave some advice saying there are a few really practical tips she likes to use and she stated,

“Number one – Pick a style muse, and another great tip is actually, and you have to be a little bit brave for this, but find your best dressed friend or someone in the family who’s got good style and say, Make me over. Just do it. You will be surprised, they will come with ideas that you would never in million of years have tried on your own.”

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