Has Amanda Abbington Had Weight Loss?


Amanda Abbington has sparked weight loss speulations recently. houseandwhips.com

Amanda Abbington’s weight loss is trending on Google searches to everyone’s surprise because she really does not appear to have lost weight or changed in any way. The actress has had a consistent weight for a while. Amanda Abbington has not revealed anything about a weight loss probably because there’s nothing to reveal.

Amanda Abbington has been acting for a long time now. She has sort of become a household name in England given how long she has been around and given the variety of roles she has done in notable television series. Her acting career on stage as well as on-screen has spanned over thirty years. The most prominent role she played in these three decades is probably of Josie Mardle in Mr Selfridge or of Mary Morstan in Sherlock.

She is also fairly known as the actress who portrayed the character of Marilyn Harwood in Dream Team and played Siobhan in the BBC sitcom After You’ve Gone. She is also recognized for her appearances in the drama series Cuffs and Safe. She has been critically acclaimed for her stage roles in God of Carnage, The Son, and The Unfriend. She acts very well but she is not all about acting. She is also about dancing as you saw in Strictly Come Dancing.

That’s right. She is now one of the participants of the 21st season of the British dance contest show Strictly Come Dancing. She seems great at dancing and she’s already impressed the judges with a steamy Samba routine at just Week 1. She has also sparked weight loss speculations with her appearance. Yeah, it does not look like it but many people have perceived a slight thinness in her. So, they are talking a lot about Amanda Abbington’s weight loss!

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Amanda Abbington’s Weight Loss: Fans Think She Looked Slimmer in Strictly Come Dancing!

Amanda Abbington (@amanda_abbington74) has sparked weight loss speculations among her followers after her recent dance performance at the 21st season of British dance contest show Strictly Come Dancing.

Amanda Abbington's fans think she has had a weight loss. houseandwhips.comAmanda Abbington’s fans think she has had a weight loss.
Image Source: Radio Times

When the announcement that Abbington would be participating in the twenty-first series of Strictly Come Dancing was made last month, nobody thought much of it. They were just a bit surprised because they had never taken Amanda to be someone who loved dancing. They were just like, ‘oh, she dances, never knew that about her,’ and then moved on.

Now, they are like, ‘why ever did I think that Amanda Abbington of all people wouldn’t dance, she just looks so natural at it,’ after they saw how she gave a jaw-dropping performance in the very first week. She along with her professional partner Giovanni Pernice really dazzled every viewer and wowed the panel of judges with their daring steamy Salsa to Oye by Gloria Estefan. Nobody could stop gushing about the incredible performance. For a while, that is, because not after long, they were talking about Amanda’s weight loss.

That’s right. Two things happened after Saturday’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing. One is that Amanda Abbington’s fans came to know that she not only dances but she is good at it. And the other is that they have also come to think that she has undergone weight loss. According to them, she has gotten a bit slimmer than before and they want to know how she lost weight.

Amanda Abbington Has Not Revealed Anything About Weight Loss!

Amanda Abbington has not said anything about having weight loss. houseandwhips.comAmanda Abbington has not said anything about having weight loss.
Image Source: The Guardian

Yeah, it might seem surprising for some of you to see that Amanda Abbington‘s weight loss is trending on Google searches because it does not really appear like she looks any different or has lost weight as she appears pretty much the same but it is what it is. Not many would agree that she looks the same because as I said, they perceive a bit of thinness in her which they are not letting go of.

According to many of such followers, the actress looked very toned and fitter than she did when she was not a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. Amanda Abbington has always been a thin person, so it’s not like anything drastic but she looks fitter somehow and thus, more slender. At least in their eyes, she has had a weight loss. But the rest of the people don’t really see that she has gotten thinner than before.

She has been around for a long time and for the majority of it, she has more or less weighed the same. She has never fluctuated much in terms of weight at all. She has maintained herself really well in that regard. That does not seem to have changed in recent times either. Sure, some people think that Amanda Abbington has had a weight loss but really, it just seems like she has just gotten more toned (it’s possible with all the dance practices and rehearsals she must be doing for Strictly Come Dancing).

Just because she is more toned now does not mean she has gotten skinnier and lost weight. Just look at her and tell if she looks thinner. No, just fitter. Amanda Abbington has not really had a weight loss. She has mentioned nothing of the speculations about her weight probably because there’s nothing to speculate about it.