Bert Kreischer Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Weight?


Bert Kreischer has undergone a significant weight loss several times.

Bert Kreischer has been on more weight loss journeys than you can count on your fingers. The comedian often takes up challenges to lose weight and then, as soon as he completes the challenge, he gains all the weight back again. Bert Kreischer said that he can’t ever maintain his weight loss because of his drinking habits. He has never had surgery to take shortcuts though.

Bert Kreischer has been on multiple weight loss journeys but he does not look much different than he did when he first got started on his transformation journey because every time he lost weight, he immediately gained it back again as he was unable to maintain himself. The comedian does not seem to mind that very much. He even knows what’s the reason behind his not being able to maintain his weight (his drinking habits) but he does not do much about it.

Here’s everything to know about Bert Kreischer and his many many weight loss journeys!

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Bert Kreischer’s Weight Loss: He Has Been Challenged to Lose Weight Multiple Times!

Bert Kreischer (@bertkreischer) has lost a significant amount of weight several times and yet, it is never enough because he keeps on gaining weight back because he does not care to reduce his drinking and so, he continues to take up weight loss challenges as if for fun. He said that he put in a lot of effort to lose weight because he was tired of being fat. But even though he claims to hate being fat, he does not put any effort into maintaining his weight and he has never said why he doesn’t work towards that. He only ever talks about how fat he is. In a 2021 episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura, he said,

I outgrew my mouth. My mouth when I was younger was humongous. And then I got so fat that now it’s this tiny little [expletive] mouth. I [expletive] hate my [expeltive] face. Do you know what it’s like to look in the mirror?

Bert Kreischer has been on numerous weight loss journeys. houseandwhips.comBert Kreischer has been on numerous weight loss journeys.
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During the same interview, Bert Kreischer took up another weight loss challenge. He even got Nadav, one of the podcast’s producers involved after he convinced him to become accountability partners with him to help him control his diet. The pair also decided that they would send each other text and pictures of their food to ensure that they were both on course to lose weight.

He had set up his ideal weight at 225 pounds. He kind of achieved his goal (the least he weighed in recent years was in 2019 when he was 229 pounds) but he is already back to being fat again. To nobody’s surprise, he couldn’t and didn’t maintain himself. He might go on another weight loss journey anytime soon because he would get tired of being fat again for the umpteenth time.

Bert Kreischer’s Weight Loss Challenges and How They Came to Be!

He did in 2022 during his Relapse tour. Bert Kreischer, along with his friends, put money on a weight loss challenge. The rules were that for every pound the guys lose, they get fifty bucks, and for every pound Bert loses, everyone gets fifty bucks. The comedian designed the challenge in a way so as to get his friends to help him lose weight. He lost weight but not drastically. Not that it would have lasted if he had lost more than what he did.

He probably lost the most in 2017. That time, he was competing against Segura to see who could lose the most weight. It all happened after Segura and his wife Christina Pazsitzky pointed out that Bert’s stomach resembled Gerard Depardieu‘s which spurred their fans to bombard Kreischer’s Twitter with comments about him being fat and overweight and mocking him for it. This ultimately led both of them to challenge each other for weight loss.

Bert Kreischer has never turned down a weight loss challenge except once. houseandwhips.comBert Kreischer has never turned down a weight loss challenge except once.
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They were very serious about it because the loser had to pay for a winter trip to the place chosen by the winner and shave their beard as well. The weight loss challenge was already interesting but it got more entertaining when Ari Shaffer made a promise to pay for both Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura’s trips if they got their BMI out of the obese category.

Maybe motivated by the thought of going on a trip, both of them got their BMI out of the obese category and Shaffir had to fund Segura and Kreischer’s trips. Segura eventually won the challenge after he lost six more pounds than Kreischer’s. Bert may have lost the challenge but it was definitely the one time when his weight loss was the most significant.

Bert Kreischer’s countless weight loss challenges have not really brought much change in his physicality because he doesn’t maintain it. But yet he has never stepped away from any of those. The only time he turned down losing weight as a challenge was when Joe Rogan offered him $200,000 in order to lose weight and maintain it for a year. He said that he didn’t take the challenge because he did not want to have Rogan in his head every time he sat down for a meal.