Big Pun Before Weight Gain: What Happened to Him?


Big Pun Before Weight Gain: What Happened to Him?

Big Pun faced many ups and downs in his life before weight gain. He reportedly gained weight after having a baby, which pressured him mentally, and he started binge eating. 

Christopher Lee Rios, aka Big Pun, was a Puerto Rican-American rapper. He was born on November 10, 1971, in The South Bronx of New York City. He started his career in the 1980s as a songwriter. His breakthrough came in 1997 after he began recording songs for his debut album, Capital Punishment.

Although Big Pun is no more in this world; he has left many albums, and people still remember him for his work. Recently, he gained attention after Fat Joe talked about struggling with his mental health in the wake of Big Pun’s tragic death in February 2000. A month after Big Pun’s death, Joe also experienced the loss of his grandfather and sister, who died while giving birth.

After the news broke, many people were curious to know more about Big Pun’s death. Some also question if the death has something to do with his weight gain. Follow to know more about Big Pun’s life before weight gain.

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Big Pun Was a Lean-Looking Athletic Guy Before His Weight Gain!

Big Pun struggled a lot before his weight gain. He faced many ups and downs in his life. Many people still don’t know how he gained so much weight. Well, after struggling with money and feeling pressure to deal with the responsibilities of being a father, he started binge eating.

He struggled to have a home, and after weight gain, he struggled with his health. He was very fit during school and used to participate in athletics in his early days of schooling. However, he dropped out of high school at the age of 15 because of his difficult family life.

Big Pun before and after weight gain. houseandwhips.comBig Pun before and after weight gain.
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Big Pun’s life before weight gain was very difficult, as he was sometimes homeless. In addition to being homeless, he had the added pressure of being a young father when he and his junior high school girlfriend Liza had their first child together. Many people claim that after having his first baby, he started gaining weight by binge eating.

The rapper received praise after his performance at Big Moon Dog. He had complex rhymes and the ability to rap for a long time without taking a breath. After the show, the rapper started to have good financial stability, but his weight gain problem was nowhere to be ended. His life was not as hard in a wealthy way as before weight gain, but he started gaining weight and developing health problems.

How Much Weight Did Big Pun Gain?

Big Pun‘s life was as happy as he ever thought after his first album was released. However, his weight gain was the problem, as at the time of the success of his album, he was around 400 pounds.

After gaining some weight, Big Pun tried many times to lose weight; he even attended the Duke University diet program in North Carolina in 1999, but the program didn’t help for a long time. He is said to be more than 700 pounds at his heaviest. Although he had the best time handling an audience in life, his health was going worst at the time.

How Did Big Pun Die? What Happened to Him?

On February 7, when Big Pun was in his hotel room for work, he experienced difficulty breathing. At the age of 28, he was announced as dead at White Plains Hospital, of a heart attack. When his wife called for an emergency, the medical worker came to help him, but they could not save him, and he died in the hospital. He was reported to be nearly 700 pounds at the time.

Big Pun died in 2000 because of a heart attack at the age of 28. houseandwhips.comBig Pun died in 2000 because of a heart attack at the age of 28.
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Big Pun’s death not only shocked his friends and family, many of his fans were heartbroken, and still every February 7, some of his fans remember him and pray for his soul. His second album, Yeeah Baby, which was released two months after his death, received warm reviews, quickly rose to No. 3 on the album charts, and reached the top of the R&B and hip-hop album charts. His close friend, Fat Joe, also expressed his sadness after losing him and said;

Imagine me and Big Pun all over TV. We’re together. We’re best friends. Making hit records together. He dies, and everybody in the world keeps coming up to me: ‘Sorry for your loss,’ not knowing that they’re triggering the depression every single time. There was no way to go in the world.