Caleb Swanigan’s Weight Loss & Weight Gain: The Full Story Explained!


Caleb Swanigan's Weight Loss & Weight Gain: The Full Story Explained!

Making rounds for his weight loss and weight gain journey, Caleb Swanigan was a professional NBA player who died at the age of 25. The audience has claimed that Caleb’s unhealthy weight loss journey led to his death. Did Caleb Swanigan die due to any weight loss routines? Let’s find out.

The American professional basketball player, Caleb Swanigan, was among the best players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). It all started with him playing basketball during his college days and making it to being one of the professional players. While Caleb was just in the beginning phase of his career and making money, the universe took him forever, leaving only the memories behind.

Caleb had been living a daunting life since his childhood days when he grew up with his other five siblings and his cocaine-addicted father. More than spending quality time with his family, Caleb recalled many days living in homeless shelters all by himself. While his father abandoned him, the genes didn’t leave Caleb.

Caleb had inherited obesity from his father and the uncontrollable food craving led him to gain pounds of weight. However, with strong determination and dedication, Caleb adhered to following the weight loss journey. Let’s get to the insight into his weight loss journey and diet plan.

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Caleb Swanigan’s Weight Loss & Weight Gain Journey

The former NBA Basketball player, Caleb Swanigan was born on 18th April 1997 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The professional basketball player made it being the NBA player, and it was all because of his stern dedication toward the court. Caleb was passionate about basketball from a very young age, and even during his college days, he played for his school teams.

Upon the completion of high school, many universities, Cal, Arizona, Duke, etc, offered Caleb basketball scholarships. He verbally adhered to committing with Michigan State but later ditched his own decision. During his initial childhood days, Caleb didn’t get to know what happiness was, and due to financial circumstances, he was always with even the basic simplest needs.

However, with his basketball skills, Caleb Swanigan made it to winning hearts and became one of the prominent players. While Caleb Swanigan’s life was inclining towards success and was eventually giving him happiness, his weight brought complications to his health as well as his professional field.

Caleb (@slyy5jackk) had traumatic childhood years where he lived with his cocaine-addicted dad and had five siblings. Growing up in that household, Caleb never felt loved, and later, his dad kicked him out of the house, and poor Caleb spent his childhood days in random shelters.

As a response to his childhood trauma, Caleb inherited an eating disorder and was obese genetically. This unhealthy weight gain adversely affected Caleb’s time in sports and was bound to quit basketball.

Trying to get his professional life back, Caleb upon quitting court decided to undergo a weight loss journey to be fit and to fit in the basketball team. Unfortunately, before Caleb could work out and follow all those strict diets, he died at the age of 25.

And his death has brought different controversies, and the majority of his fans believe that the cause of his death is his unhealthy weight loss journey. Also, at the time of his death, Caleb Swanigan weighed 160 kg (352 lbs).

So, looking at his weight, it doesn’t appear that he had undergone any kind of weight loss journey as just after he left the court, his weight was somewhat around 165 kg (363 lbs), to that point, it is clear that he hadn’t undergone any intense weight loss schedules.

How Did Caleb Swanigan Die?

The audience randomly speculated that the former NBA player, Caleb Swanigan had died after he started following his weight loss journey. but, can any weight loss journey lead to death?  Yes. If anyone randomly makes up his/her weight loss schedule or does intermittent fasting without the supervision of a dietician or a nutritionist, then that is literally an unhealthy weight loss schedule that will negatively affect our body.

However, talking about Caleb Swanigan, the hospital has only claimed that Caleb lost his life due to natural causes but hasn’t divulged the actual cause of his death. Thus, the assumption of his weight loss led to death could be absolutely fake. For now, we cannot say anything that’s linked to Caleb’s sudden death.

Mourning Swanigan’s death, the basketball players have shared their condolences through their respective social media accounts. We hope that the shining star, Caleb will rest easy. Hus’s death is one of the greatest losses to the NBA, and although his body has left everyone, his contributions to the court are irreplaceable and will never be forgotten.

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