Chloe Fineman Weight Loss: Has She Gotten Slimmer Than Before?


Chloe Fineman appears to have undergone a slight weight loss.

Chloe Fineman is speculated to have had weight loss after she looked a bit too skinny in a recent SNL skit. The comedian never looked like she had much weight to lose as she has always been extremely slender. But, to fans, it looked like she got even more thinner. They think Chloe Fineman has had a weight loss. She said that she does Pilates and there are rumors that she follows a very strict and severe diet regime.

Chloe Fineman is one of the repertory players on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. She joined the show as a featured player in September 2019 in its 45th season and was promoted to repertory status two years later in 2021 at the beginning of season 47. Many would agree that it’s a very well-deserved promotion because she is an incredible impressionist with great comedic timing who never fails to make people laugh.

Chloe Fineman was once described by a critic as absolutely one of the most talented new performers and I think she has lived up to that. She recently did an impression of Britney Spears which, however, was not taken as well as her other impressions because Spears has just been freed from the 13-year restrictive conservatorship she was kept in for decades and viewers thought they were punching down on her. The other less controversial but equally discussed takeaway from the skit was that Fineman has had weight loss. In this article today, we talk about that!

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Chloe Fineman’s Weight Loss: She Looked Skinnier Than Ever in a Recent SNL Skit!

Chloe Fineman (@chloeiscrazy) appears to have undergone a slight but noticeable weight loss is what many Saturday Night Live viewers started to think after her recent sketch.

Chloe Fineman looked like she had weight loss in her recent SNL sketch. houseandwhips.comChloe Fineman looked like she had weight loss in her recent SNL sketch.
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On the November 11 episode of SNL this season, Fineman did an impression of pop princess Britney Spears for a sketch which created a big controversy. The skit which was about auditioning celebrities to look for who would be the best fit to provide voice to the audiobook of Spears’ newly released tell-all memoir The Woman in Me was not very well-received by the majority of the viewers who criticized the SNL team for their lack of empathy and for mocking Spears’ trauma.

It was very controversial and Chloe Fineman is standing by it anyway. The comedian who claimed to be a fan of the pop star said that she was “proud of everyone who made this sketch.” This invited further outrage but this was not the only topic of discussion. Since Fineman, to many, looked very thin, speculations about her weight loss also rapidly gained traction on social media.

Okay, so, Fineman has always been fit. She has always been incredibly skinny and looking at her, nobody would ever imagine that she would be making headlines because she lost weight because she never looked like she had weight that she could lose. I mean it when I say she was extremely slender and you know it, right? So, you can imagine how shocking it was when she appeared to have a weight loss in that skit?

Did Chloe Fineman really lose weight or did she only appear to lose weight because of her hair and makeup? I mean, her hair was voluminous (or was she wearing a wig) which made her face look very tiny. Also, she seemed to have her contour and highlights done in such a way so as to make her cheeks look hollow. This may have given the appearance of weight loss because once again, I repeat, did she really lose weight? Can she even do that?

Chloe Fineman’s Diet and Exercise Routine That Might Have Caused Her to Have Weight Loss!

Chloe Fineman said that she does Pilates and has a healthy diet. houseandwhips.comChloe Fineman said that she does Pilates and has a healthy diet.
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Whether Fineman did get slimmer or just appeared to have gotten skinnier, we can’t tell because she has not really bothered to respond to all the things that are being said about her physique. But regardless, fans want to know what her diet plan is and what her exercise schedule is like. If she has indeed undergone weight loss, what she eats and what workout she does may have made some impact on her changes.

Well, there’s not much information about Chloe Fineman‘s diet plan and workout schedule. She did once say that she does Pilates and has a healthy breakfast when she has no work but that’s it. No further elaboration. Well, it does not need further elaboration but what I mean is she has never shared how she approaches fitness and how hard she goes for it. We don’t know if she is naturally built slender or if she works hard to maintain her ‘weight loss.’

When I’m not at work, there’s Pilates, a dog walk, a healthy breakfast.

However, there’s a rumor that Chloe is not built that way and is only slender because she follows a rigid diet plan. A Reddit user mentioned in a thread about her about her diet plan so, take it with a grain of salt. But, on the other hand, if that rumor is true, maybe we know how Chloe Fineman had a weight loss. Here’s what was said about her diet.

Chloe is an adherent to one of those extreme diets where you are required to send a photo of what you are about to a coach who has to approve it before you are allowed to consume it. You are also required to send photos of your weekly weigh ins and you must eat on a strict schedule.