Famous Dex’s Teeth: What Is Wrong With Them?


Famous Dex’s Teeth: What Is Wrong With Them? houseandwhips.com

According to sources, Famous Dex’s teeth got damaged due to the high use of drugs, especially meth (Methamphetamine). However, the rapper has not revealed the real reason behind his missing teeth.

Dexter Gore Jr., often known as Famous Dex, is a well-known rapper and songwriter. He is one of the most creative rappers of the twenty-first century, and his music focuses more on the artistic side of youth culture than on crime and violence. Because he was an African-American Muslim, one of his friends dubbed him Black Migo Dex.

Famous Dex was the first musician signed to Rich the Kid‘s record label, Rich Forever Music. He is currently the CEO of this company, which has formed a collaboration with 300 Entertainment Record Company. Meanwhile, the popular hip-hop artist’s rhyming style is well-liked and admired by music fans. Furthermore, his most-known songs include Swag, Hoes Mad, and Drip from My Walk.

Recently, Famous Dex has been in the spotlight due to his damaged teeth since his mouth seems to be like he is in his old age with all fallen teeth. As a result, many people have been curious to know about what really happened to his teeth. Well, here is what we discovered.

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Famous Dex’s Teeth Reportedly Got Damaged Due to the High Use of Drugs!

If you’ve been following Famous Dex (@famousdex), you might have discovered that his teeth seem very bad. According to the sources, most of his teeth have already fallen out which has generated a spark with his fans and followers. However, the rapper has yet not disclosed anything about his damaged teeth.

Famous Dex teeth are reportedly damaged due to the high use of Methamphetamine. houseandwhips.comFamous Dex teeth are reportedly damaged due to the high use of Methamphetamine.
Image Source: HipHopDX

However, many celebrities who are really close to him revealed that he is an addict and his teeth were mostly damaged due to highly use of drugs, especially meth (Methamphetamine). It is a stimulant that is addictive and inhibits decision-making processes, making it difficult for meth addicts to quit. Because they can see the drug’s physical and mental impact, friends and family are often the ones who seek treatment choices. Meth is particularly damaging to teeth, resulting in a condition known as meth mouth. Unfortunately, the meth-tooth association causes irreparable damage.

Meth mouth is distinguished by severe teeth decay and gum disease. Some people have relatively minor damage, such as a few cavities and moderate gum disease, but the majority of people have stained, blackened, rotting, or crumbling teeth. Extensive gum disease might cause tooth loss. Teeth that are severely damaged make eating difficult and might lead to infections.

However, Famous Dex currently appears to be a different man these days… and he insists he feels just as good now that he’s been sober for nearly a year. The JAPAN rapper spoke with TMZ Hip Hop at LAX on 4/13/2023, and he joyfully gave the good news that he was truly healthy, drug-free for 11 months, and couldn’t be happier… ankle monitor and all.

Likely, Dex even took off his stunna shades to show followers how clear his eyes had grown, a complete 180° from last September when we broke the news that he had reentered treatment after a term in jail.

Furthermore, Famous Dex’s health isn’t the only thing improving… he recently revealed he re-signed with 300 Entertainment for several million dollars and informs us that Rich Forever 5 – his long-running album series with Rich The Kid and Jay Critch – is coming up next.  He even sent a message to followers who are struggling with addiction: “Keep God first, never forget where you come from, and stay humble.”

Meth Mouth: What Causes It?

Meth is very harsh on teeth, causing a condition known as meth mouth. houseandwhips.comMeth is very harsh on teeth, causing a condition known as meth mouth.
Image Source: Resurgence Behavioral Health

An extensive study has demonstrated that the amount of meth (Methamphetamine) used has a direct relationship with the degree of tooth rot. In other words, heavy users nearly invariably have severe tooth decay and gum disease. The prevalence of meth mouth is considerably higher among women, smokers, and users over the age of 30.

Though meth can be used in a variety of methods (smoking, snorting, injecting, ingesting tablets, and so on), the powerful effects can last up to 12 hours. Because drug users are frequently focused on getting and staying high, this can result in extended periods with little regard for dental hygiene. This means that while high, meth users are considerably more likely to brush their teeth, use mouthwash, or floss.

To compound things, meth users frequently seek sugary beverages, which increase the amount and frequency of plaque, cavities, and gum disease. Meth also causes users to have a lot of energy, which can lead to teeth clenching or grinding. All of these things, when combined, can exacerbate meth mouth.