Jeff Mauro Weight Loss: Did He Get Surgery to Lose Weight?

Derick Scholz

Jeff Mauro has not had weight loss surgery.

Jeff Mauro underwent a significant weight loss of about 50 pounds in 2016. Though many fans tend to believe that he had surgery to lose weight, the chef has only talked about using a combination of monitored diet and exercise to shed weight. Jeff Mauro has not had a weight loss surgery like a lot of people think.

Ever since Jeff Mauro fell in love with cooking when he opened up Prime Time Deli & Catering, he never looked back. He spent his time crafting sandwiches, soups, and salads and eventually made his way to television cooking shows. He graduated as a valedictorian from Le Cordon Bleu’s culinary program and then went on to win Season 7 of Food Network Star. He currently serves as the host of the Emmy-nominated Sandwich King and a co-host of The Kitchen.

People are really intrigued by his love for cooking and more than that, they are more interested in his weight loss. His before and after pictures show that he has had a drastic physical transformation and his fans want to know if he had surgery to lose weight. Let’s find out if Jeff Mauro has had weight loss surgery!

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Jeff Mauro’s Weight Loss: He Did Not Have Surgery to Lose Weight!

Jeff Mauro (@jeffmauro) had a significant weight loss of 50 pounds in 2016. You might have noticed that he looks a lot slimmer than before. On taking a look at his before and after pictures, many people are inclined to believe that he got surgery to lose weight but he has never mentioned undergoing any kind of surgery.

Jeff Mauro's fans wonder if he has had weight loss surgery. houseandwhips.comJeff Mauro’s fans wonder if he has had weight loss surgery.
Image Source: Distractify

Mauro became a staple television personality on the Food Network after he won Season 7 of Food Network Star. He then went on to host the Emmy-nominated series Sandwich King and he currently also serves as the co-host on The Kitchen and Kitchen Fails. You could tell he’s mostly surrounded by food. If you couldn’t, you just had to look at him and you would know because he was huge like a lot of food lovers. Now, he has had a weight loss and he doesn’t look like it but the point is he was fat once.

So, how did Jeff Mauro lose weight? A lot of people seem to think he has had weight loss surgery after seeing his before and after pictures which show his drastic physical transformation. But that change was not instantaneous, it happened over a considerable period of time. The process of going from having a “dad bod” to sporting a toned figure took a lot of time and a lot of effort as well. He didn’t opt for a shortcut by going under the knife.

The Food Network star has never mentioned having weight loss surgery and he has been very candid about his journey. He has not held back on details of how he shed nearly 50 pounds. And it has been very interesting to learn how one who is almost always surrounded by delectable meals manages to keep his weight in check and stay in shape.

Jeff Mauro Just Changed His Diet and Did Exercise For Weight Loss!

Jeff Mauro has not had weight loss surgery. houseandwhips.comJeff Mauro has not had weight loss surgery.
Image Source: Food Network

Jeff Mauro first spoke up about his weight loss in 2016 when O’Hare Crossfit made a Facebook post showing his transformation with a before and after picture for advertisement. The post in which it was mentioned that Jeff lost about 50 pounds in a “healthy, slow, consistent fashion over the past few years” through a combination of OCF workouts and a monitored diet (no mention of surgery) was captioned,

I’m sure many of you know that one of our loyal, long-time members Jeff Mauro is also a Food Network Star – but did you know he went through his own weight-loss battle?!? Can you imagine how hard it would be to lose and then maintain a healthy weight when you are constantly surrounded by some of the best cooks and food in the world? Well, Jeff knows what it was like – and he mentioned when talking about his weight loss that ‘Although it wasn’t easy, if he could do it – anyone can.’

Responding to that post, Jeff Mauro wrote that he was proud of his fitness journey and he also thanked his coaches for giving him a fitness home. He really lucked out when he joined CrossFit because it has been a massive help for him in his weight loss journey. In a chat with Food Network, he said that his cousin encouraged him to try CrossFit and he was hooked instantly.

You never do the same workout circuit twice. Once you break past the wall of it being scary, you learn the fundamental movements and really get into it.

Besides doing CrossFit three or four times a week, Jeff Mauro also incorporates other workouts into his fitness routine. In a 2015 interview with PopSugar, he said that he does SoulCycle about one to two times a week, and Pilates once a week. And that’s the secret of his weight loss, not any sort of surgery.