Jennifer Coolidge’s Weight Gain: The White Lotus Star Almost Turned Down Her Role in the Series Due to Her Body Shape; 2022 Update!


Jennifer Coolidge’s Weight Gain: The White Lotus Star Almost Turned Down Her Role in the Series Due to Her Body Shape; 2022 Update!

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Jennifer Coolidge gained about 30-40 pounds, and because of her weight gain, she nearly turned down her role in White Lotus. She thought she was too big for the part, however, she changed her mind after a friend told her she’d be insane to refuse. As of 2022, she has been very open about her body size and frequently shares her journey with the public.

Jennifer Audrey Coolidge (b. August 28, 1961) is an actress from the United States. She is best known for her roles in comedic film and television as Jeanine Stifler’s Mom Stifler in the American Pie film series and as Paulette Bonafonté Parcelle in the Legally Blonde film series.

Similarly, she has appeared in several of Christopher Guest‘s mockumentaries, including Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, and Mascots. Coolidge is also a member of The Groundlings, a Los Angeles-based improv and sketch comedy troupe.

Jennifer Coolidge has appeared in several movies: A Cinderella Story, Robots, Click, Date Movie, American Dreamz, Epic Movie, Igor, Soul Men, Gentlemen Broncos, Austenland, Like a Boss, Promising Young Woman, and Single All the Way.

Furthermore, she is best known for her roles in the NBC sitcom Joey, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, 2 Broke Girls, and as Tanya McQuoid in the HBO anthology series The White Lotus, for which she won a Primetime Emmy Award, Critics’ Choice Television Award, and Hollywood Critics Association TV Award, as well as nominations for a Golden Globe Award and SAG Award.

Jennifer Coolidge was so nervous during COVID that she gained 30-40 pounds while waiting for the end of the world. In fact, the actress admitted that she was so self-conscious about the weight gain that she nearly turned down the role in White Lotus. Fans are eager to learn more about her weight gain. Everything you need to know is right here.

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Jennifer Coolidge’s Weight Gain: The White Lotus Star Almost Turned Down Her Role in the Series as She Gained 30-40 Pounds During the Pandemic; 2022 Update!

Jennifer Coolidge (@theofficialjencoolidge) nearly turned down her iconic role in White Lotus because of her weight as she felt she was too heavy for her role. During the pandemic, the 61-year-old actress admits that she gained 30 to 40 pounds weight because she believed that everyone was going to die, so she ate herself to death.

She ate up to five or six vegan pizzas per day. She just didn’t want to be on camera that big because of her COVID bingeing. The Legally Blonde star, who gained between 30 and 40 pounds, says she was about to fabricate a story for White Lotus creator Mike White, but a good friend set her straight.

Jennifer Coolidge wasn’t in fighting shape and only changed her mind after a friend told her she’d be insane to turn it down. Furthermore, Coolidge revealed that she informed her friend that she was declining the offer due to her current weight.

Thankfully, Coolidge played Tanya McQuoid, a woman who has recently lost her mother in the critically acclaimed mini-series that followed the lives of the staff and pampered guests at a Hawaiian tropical resort. She also stated that her White Lotus co-stars were unconcerned about her weight gain.

However, Jennifer Coolidge was always a little pudgy about her weight gain. Everything was in her head & she is just glad she had a good friend who talked her down from the ledge and saved her from blowing a great opportunity. As of 2022, she is very open and positive about her weight gain as she frequently shares about her journey with the public.

Jennifer Coolidge’s Relationship Status!

Jennifer Coolidge has revealed that she is currently single. She stated that she has no plans for marriage because she is not interested in matrimonial relationships until the date. Even though the stunning and daring actress is single, she knows how to enjoy her life. She spends a lot of time in her two lavish homes in Hollywood, California, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Meanwhile, she used to date men who portrayed bad boys in movies all the time. In the meantime, she has no flame in her love life, but she has always dated younger men. The reason for this is that younger men always asked her out on dates rather than men her own age. So, rather than rejecting the young men’s proposal, she simply accepted it.

However, in 2001, the 61-year-old actress was in a serious relationship with actor Chris Kattan. Despite their ten-year age difference, they demonstrated that age is just a number and that love knows no bounds if the two are truly in love. But their bond was short-lived, and they split up due to a misunderstanding. Despite this, they continue to show respect for one another and maintain a friendly relationship.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Jennifer Coolidge also faced rumors about her marriage to late actor Tom Mahoney. The rumor began after the two were seen together on an event’s red carpet. Some tabloids reported that Tom and Jennifer exchanged wedding vows and declared themselves husband and wife. Nonetheless, the rumors were debunked when the two declared that nothing had happened between them.

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