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Stephen Hawking's Teeth Stuck Out Because Of ALS?

Jan 9, 2024 @ 3:26 GMT+0000
Stephen Hawking's teeth likely stuck out of his mouth due to ALS. - Stephen Hawking's teeth looked very unusual and that's one thing that people are really curious about. They want to know how is it that ALS affected his dental condition. Some believe that Stephen Hawking's teeth appeared to stick out because ALS affected the muscles in his face while others think it happened because ALS didn't affect his tongue.

Stephen Hawking was one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists and cosmologists who is widely renowned for revolutionizing the human understanding of black holes and the universe through the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. He was also an author who served as a director of research at the University of Cambridge for the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology. He held one of the most prestigious academic posts between 1979 and 2000 when he was the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge.

Stephen Hawking has discussed his theories and cosmology in general in several books of popular science which have been very successful commercially. A Brief History of Time appeared on the Sunday Times bestseller list for 237 weeks and his other publications were not very far behind. He was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom which is the highest civilian award in the United States and he also was a Fellow of the Royal Society, a lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. It's very inspiring that a man with motor neuron disease who was wheelchair-bound went on to make such historic advancements in science but let's talk about his teeth today because I can't really talk science.

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Stephen Hawking's Teeth: How Was His Dental Condition?

Stephen Hawking didn't have the nicest teeth and now, there's a renewed interest in his dental condition and him overall because his name has come up in a controversy.

Stephen Hawking's teeth stuck out from his mouth. houseandwhips.comStephen Hawking's teeth stuck out from his mouth.
Image Source: The Daily Beast

So, the second batch of unsealed court documents relating to the infamous pedophile and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his sexual trafficking has been released by a US court and shockingly, Stephen Hawking's name also came up. In an email written by Epstein in 2015, he spoke about offering a reward to disprove allegations that Hawking had participated in an 'underage orgy.' Hawking has never been accused of any sexual misconduct and there's no evidence that he had anything to do with Epstein. So, how has the recent development led to questions about his teeth?

Well, when Stephen Hawking's name came up in the documents, it led to a reemergence in public interest in him and his personal affairs. Among many things such as his relationships and his career, people specifically have taken interest in his appearance, his face, and especially his mouth. As someone with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), his facial structure wasn't the best-looking and neither were his teeth.

It's not the first time questions about his dental health condition have come up. Lots of jokes were made about it because he didn't look like he had the best dental hygiene and even though he couldn't speak and didn't open his mouth, people knew that because his teeth stuck out from his mouth. I don't want to be mean so, I will say the people on the internet collectively believed that his mouth looked gross because of his dentals.

It was very common that if somebody asked questions like "Why does Stephen Hawking have extremely gross and rotten teeth?", there would be answers like "Because he's English." If somebody were to ask who brushed the physicist's teeth, the instant reply would be "No one apparently." I know that sounds funny but if you were to think about it seriously, there's a reason why his mouth looks like that.

Theories About Why Stephen Hawking's Teeth Looked The Way It Did!

Stephen Hawking's dental condition was likely affected by ALS. houseandwhips.comStephen Hawking's dental condition was likely affected by ALS.
Image Source: USA Today

So, everyone knows that Hawking has ALS, which is a motor neuron disease. Over decades, it slowly paralyzed him which led to him being wheelchair-bound. The disease did not just affect his body but his mouth as well. It affected the muscles on his face causing his teeth to stick out according to a theory on Quora.

Stephen Hawking's teeth appeared to stick out due to a condition called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neuron disease. This condition affected his muscles, including those in his face, which could have caused his teeth to appear as if they were sticking out. Hawking's physical appearance changed over time due to the progression of his condition.

According to another theory, Stephen Hawking's teeth stuck out because his tongue pushed them out. The basis for this theory is that teeth are not stationary and move in the direction of force. And while we can't see an average person's teeth moving around noticeably or on a pattern or a regular basis, that's because their positions are in accordance with all natural forces such as cheeks muscles and lips working against the tongue as tongue pushes them out countering it's outward force.

But if the natural forces were to be disrupted, if one force were to be weaker, it would upset the balance and it would result in the movement of teeth in the direction of the stronger force until a new balance is achieved. That's what happened with Stephen Hawking's teeth sticking out supposedly.

In the Case of Hawking, his facial muscles became quite weak due to his infirmity. His tongue was not weakened to the same extent. Therefore, his teeth moved outward due to his relatively stronger tongue pushing them out till a new balance was achieved. Thus, the appearance to which you are eluding. That combined with the initial starting point if his teeth, possibly being more outwardly than anaverage person, led to a more dramatic end result.

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