Skinny 50 Cent: Did He Have Ozempic Weight Loss or Is He Sick?


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50 Cent has gotten skinny and fans wonder if he had Ozempic for weight loss or if he has gotten sick. – 50 Cent’s recent Instagram pictures have revealed his weight loss and the transformation has drawn a lot of speculations that the rapper is on Ozempic. He has gotten considerably skinny and some fans are starting to worry that he is sick while others wonder if he’s lost weight for a movie. 50 Cent has not responded to such weight loss speculations but he did write that practicing abstinence has helped him train harder.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, is one of the most influential, brilliant, and persistent rappers in the US. He has a long and very remarkable career, having started his career in the early 2000s. His longevity is insane given how much of a roller-coaster his life has been. It’s impressive how he has managed to be a mainstream hip-hop figure even now and stay relevant. He enjoys dominance in the rap world and it’s all to be credited to his ability to keep reinventing himself and thriving.

50 Cent has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and he has been honored with several awards such as a Grammy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, thirteen Billboard Music Awards, six World Music Awards, three American Music Awards, and four BET Awards. He was ranked the 17th best rapper of all time by Billboard on their ’50 Greatest Rappers List’ in 2023. And he does not just rap, he has also starred in the semi-autobiographical film Get Rich or Die Tryin’, the war film Home of the Brave, and the crime thriller film Righteous Kill. As for what he’s doing as of now, let’s talk about his weight loss because he’s skinny and some fans are worried that he’s sick!

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50 Cent After Weight Loss: Has He Had Ozempic to Get Skinny?

50 Cent (@50cent) has undergone weight loss and fans can’t stop talking about it because my, my, my, how skinny he has gotten! ‘Has he had Ozempic’ or ‘did he get sick’ is what people want to know because there must be a reason behind the drastic transformation.

50 Cent's fans wonder if he had Ozempic for his weight loss. houseandwhips.com50 Cent’s fans wonder if he had Ozempic for his weight loss.
Image Source: Fox News

So, Curtis’ recent posts on Instagram have unveiled his dramatic physical transformation. He has gone from looking bulky and broad to getting slim and trim and his fans are obsessed with the change. In one of the pictures, he was sort of giving model vibes in the white Amiri T-shirt under a black velvet blazer, gray jeans, and a pair of white Air Force 1 sneakers that he was wearing. He looked incredibly skinny after weight loss and all his social media posts have got people commenting on his physique.

50 Cent has been promoting the brand of cognac lately but it’s not the greatest idea to get him to promote anything because his new body takes all the attention and it’s all anyone can talk about. They have been making speculations about how he lost weight and the majority of the fans suspect that he’s on Ozempic. They refuse to believe that the change happened naturally, and think that he felt pressured to lose weight because he was trolled a lot for his weight at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show, and because he’s going to be everywhere this year, he doesn’t want to go through the same thing. So, his solution was weight loss.

Given how it’s a current trend to use the popular Type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic, it wouldn’t be very surprising if 50 Cent did achieve his skinny figure after getting on medication. Plus, many fans think that he has that sick look to him that just screams Ozempic. He looks lean but not healthy is what people have been saying. Page Six reached out to the rapper’s rep for comment but there was no response. However, a source close to him denied that he was on Ozempic and said that his weight loss was to be credited to a “rigorous” training program for eight months. Apparently, he started training three hours a day, every day, before the start of his Final Lap tour last summer.

Is 50 Cent Sick? Is That Why He Had Weight Loss? Or Did He Get Skinny For a Movie?

5o Cent's fans are worried that he's sick and he's unhealthy skinny. 5o Cent’s fans are worried that he’s sick and he’s unhealthy skinny.
Image Source: Variety

While a lot of fans liked the change and the skinny look of the In da Club rapper and showered compliments on his fitness, there were others who started to worry that he was sick because that’s a lot of weight he lost and the transformation coincided with the rumors of his illness. Also, his body looks lean and thin but his face is haggard and you just cannot tell if it is a healthy weight loss. There were many comments on 50 Cent‘s weight on social media such as the ones below:

Why 50 cent loose weight like that I hope he’s good

Another said,

I’m not gonna talk about 50 cent weight loss..Gossip of the city said he was sick

According to another theory, he’s not sick and he lost weight for some movie he’s doing. Maybe there’s some truth to the speculation because it would not be the first time he’s shed weight for a movie. In 2010, he dropped 60 pounds for his role as a cancer patient in the film Things Fall Apart. These are some solid theories but none of these speculations have been verified or falsified and 50 Cent’s fans are getting more restless to know the reason behind his weight loss.

He hasn’t directly responded to the claims that he has had Ozempic, he is sick, and that he’s losing weight for a movie but he did say something about training harder with focus after he abstained from sex and that might be what people are looking for.

I’m focused man, practicing abstinence is helping me train harder. I feel great I think more people should try it.

50 Cent might have gotten skinny all on his own with his hard work and not because he had Ozempic or he got sick. Maybe that’s the secret to his weight loss.