Adrian Lewis’ Weight Loss: Has He Gotten Fitter?


Adrian Lewis appears to have undergone a weight loss in his recent appearance.

Adrian Lewis is revealed to have undergone a weight loss after his recent public appearance. The former dart player’s fans commended him for losing weight and looking fit and healthy. Adrian Lewis has not yet revealed the secret of his weight loss.  

Adrian Lewis used to play professional darts in the PDC. He was a two-time PDC World Darts Champion, he won once in 2011 and next in 2012. Those wins came as a surprise to nobody because, until 2007, he was a protégé of 16-time-world champion Phil Taylor. He used to practice with Taylor in their home city of Stoke-on-Trent. Besides the two world championships, he has won two other PDC majors: the 2013 European Championship and the 2014 UK Open. He also happens to be a four-time winner of the PDC World Cup of Darts with his partner Phil Taylor.

He was really great at what he did but this year, it felt like he was losing his touch as he slipped in his PDC rankings. He took a break after that for an indefinite time to deal with his private issues. He recently was seen while on a break trying a new sport. He was revealed to have undergone a weight loss in his recent appearance and fans are happy to see him healthier and fitter. Let’s learn more about Adrian Lewis’ weight loss!

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Adrian Lewis’ Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Weight?

Adrian Lewis (@adrianlewis_official) appears to have undergone a weight loss recently and fans are happy to see him fitter than before. They think he is focusing on his health after his retirement.

The former professional darts player made a rare public appearance and surprised everyone. It was not just his appearance that surprised the fans, it was also the fact that he was seen trying a new sport (one that people never associated with him) and mostly, it was because of his transformation. He had undergone a visible weight loss and he looked much fitter than before.

Adrian Lewis' recent public appearance revealed his transformation and weight loss. houseandwhips.comAdrian Lewis’ recent public appearance revealed his transformation and weight loss.
Image Source: Daily Express

Adrian Lewis looked very happy and healthy as he swapped darts for a fishing rod. His transformation was revealed as he was competing in the Sport Stars Fishing Championship. Not that he has gotten extremely slim, he still has a bigger frame than average-sized people, but compared to the past, he has lost a lot of weight. It does not look like his weight loss journey is over.

It does not seem like he has been resting much since he took a break from the professional darts circuit earlier this year. It was sad to see him take a break after tumbling down the PDC rankings but if he wants to focus on his health and fitness, it’s good for him. Fans who were concerned about him when he quit after his PDC rankings fell are now happy to see him. They are impressed with his latest physical transformation and weight loss.

Adrian Lewis has not just reinvented himself as a fisherman but he has also reworked his body and physique. He has lost a healthy amount of weight and he looks much fitter than before. With his new slimmer body, he looked happier and younger when he posed with a fish he caught. Having undergone weight loss and trying a new sport, he seems like he is in a much better place than when he was slipping in darts ranking.

Fans were happy to see him look radiant and fit. They commented on his new body and looks post-weight loss and post-break. He had taken an indefinite break from darts to deal with a private matter. One fan wrote that break was doing him good because he looked 10 years younger. Another simply complimented him for looking great. A third one expressed their desire to see him back at darts. They wrote, “You look amazing. Whatever you are doing stick with it. Would be great to see you back playing though.”

Adrian Lewis Has Not Acknowledged His Weight Loss!

Adrian Lewis has not yet acknowledged his weight loss. houseandwhips.comAdrian Lewis has not yet acknowledged his weight loss.
Image Source: The Sun

Though there are lots of fans who would like to know more about Adrian Lewis‘ weight loss and how he did it, what diet and workout routine he followed, Lewis has not yet acknowledged his physical transformation. He has not shared any of the lifestyle changes he may have made after his break that resulted in the transformation of his physique.

However, if we were to go by what he said in 2020, he must have exercised six days a week for 14 weeks. He had undergone a significant weight loss three years ago during the four months of the Stoke-on-Trent ace. When it created discussions just like now, he then revealed in an interview that he had been working hard over months to lose weight.

I have been exercising six days a week for 14 weeks.

Adrian Lewis looked impressive with his weight loss but he also added that he would need to regain the balance of his throw after the transformation but he didn’t mind it because, “in the long run, it will definitely benefit his game.”