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On December 5, 2022 By Urban

Katherine Heigl’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Firefly Lane Actress Have Botox and Fillers? She Once Revealed a Neck Surgery!

Katherine Heigl has once again become the subject of plastic surgery speculations after the release of the second season of...
On December 4, 2022 By Urban

Did Tim Allen Gain Weight For Santa Clause? How Did The Actor Put on 150 Pounds?

Did Tim Allen Gain Weight For Santa Clause? Well, Scott Calvin did but Tim Allen didn’t. To play the role...
On December 2, 2022 By Urban

Super Dave’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Bob Einstein’s Lips? Is It Real or Fake?

Bob Einstein aka Super Dave Osborne was believed to have the most disastrous case of plastic surgery gone wrong when...
On November 29, 2022 By Urban

Mia Thornton Before Plastic Surgery: Fans Say The RHOP Star Looked Better Before All The Botox, Fillers, and More!

Mia Thornton shocked everyone when she very casually admitted all the plastic surgery she had had on her face and...
On November 27, 2022 By Urban

Brooke Shields’ Plastic Surgery: How is She Handling Aging Process? The Model Then and Now!

Brooke Shields is surprisingly handling the aging process very well which is a bit unusual for a model. However, the...
On November 25, 2022 By Urban

Alisa Beal’s Weight Loss: The Military Wife Surprised Her Husband By Losing 50 Pounds in Just a Few Months!

Alisa Beal surprised her husband Sergeant Terrance Beal on his return home from deployment with a weight loss of 50...
On November 23, 2022 By Urban

Amy Adams’ Plastic Surgery: Did The Enchanted Cast Get a Nose Job and Botox?

Amy Adams supposedly got plastic surgery including a nose job and Botox. The Enchanted cast is rumored to have gone...
On November 22, 2022 By Urban

Kelly Monaco’s Weight Loss: How Much Does Sam McCall From General Hospital Weigh? Check Out Her Vegan Diet and Workout Routine!

Kelly Monaco appears to be on a weight loss journey and returning to her ideal body shape through regular workouts...
On November 21, 2022 By Urban

Renee Rapp’s Weight Gain: Was The Sex Lives of College Girls Cast Pregnant? Did She Lose Weight Recently?

Renee Rapp looked a bit bigger back when she was playing Regina George in the Broadway musical Mean Girls which...
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