MAFS: Adrienne Naylor’s Weight Loss; Check Out Her Before and After Pics!


MAFS alum Adrienne Naylor has had a drastic weight loss since 2017.

Adrienne Naylor from Married at First Sight UK (MAFS) has undergone a significant weight loss of about eight stones since 2017. The reality star used to be extremely self-conscious of her physique when she was fat and sought validation from men all the time. Now that Adrienne Naylor’s love is gym and strength training, she is much more confident. The MAFS viewers are proud of her weight loss journey.

Married at First Sight UK introduced a new couple – Adrienne and Matt – late in the show to the viewers’ displeasure. They didn’t like that the newcomers hogged all the attention from the mix of the old cast members by just arriving late. But it didn’t stay that way for long because they were a reality show couple after all and they got people hooked on their dramas.

Especially Adrienne Naylor. The 27-year-old Project Support Officer from Cumbria got very vulnerable with the MAFS viewers with the story about her weight loss after years of struggling with body image issues and a lot of people found it very compelling. So, let’s talk about the physical transformation of the intruder bride from MAFS!

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Adrienne MAFS Weight Loss: Everything to Know About Her Physical Transformation Journey!

Adrienne Naylor (@adriennenaylor) from Married at First Sight UK had a dramatic and life-changing weight loss of eight stones after almost two decades of struggling with her weight. The MAFS star has been on the physical transformation since 2017 and now, she’s a completely different person from when she started the journey.

Adrienne from MAFS went through a significant weight loss of eight stones. houseandwhips.comAdrienne from MAFS went through a significant weight loss of eight stones.
Image Source: Capital FM

Naylor would be the first one to admit that she didn’t get a warm welcome from the MAFS viewers because they were pissed that they just got ahead in the show without putting in much work and kind of stole the attention with their late arrival and they did not hide their displeasure. But she was amazed at how they changed their minds about her after she told them the story of her weight loss.

Yeah, by getting vulnerable with the audience by sharing how much she struggled with weight, Adrienne Naylor really won over them. A lot of viewers seemed to relate to her, if not about her struggles with physicality and body image, they sure felt for her when she talked about seeking validation from others because of her low self-esteem. Anyway, the point is that she had a dramatic weight loss of eight stones and fans are proud of her making it so far in her journey.

The MAFS star’s physical transformation was a life-changing journey for her. As she was introduced on the show, she shared a very emotional speech that showed she had been consumed by her physique for the better part of her life because it hit her self-esteem and she feared rejection. After weight loss, her perspective has changed for the better.

Before I lost all my weight I would definitely look for validation through men, that I was good enough, that I was still attractive… throughout my whole life, I’ve been called fat and ugly. My biggest concern is the fear of rejection.

It’s sad how Adrienne Naylor equated her self-worth to her weight and appearance but she’s learned better since then. Now, the MAFS alum is very confident about herself and will not take fat-shaming comments to heart. Remember how she responded to an ex-boyfriend calling her a “fat sh*t”? In November 2022, she shared those private texts with her ex along with before and after weight loss pictures, saying that she could lose weight but he (ex) was forever gonna be an a*shole. And we are here for that sass. She does not need men coming for her weight.

What Did Adrienne Naylor From MAFS Do For Weight Loss?

By that time, Adrienne Naylor had already lost eight stones. At this point, it had been almost five years since she embarked on a weight loss journey and she had already found self-love. Her love at the time was the gym. And her dramatic physical transformation and incredibly fit body were proof of that. At the altar, to her groom Matt, she said,

I spend the majority of my time in there [the gym]. This girl likes her food way too much to be naturally slim. I’ve always struggled with my weight but the past few years I’ve lost nearly eight stone.

Adrienne from MAFS started going to the gym and worked on her relationship with food. houseandwhips.comAdrienne from MAFS started going to the gym and worked on her relationship with food.
Image Source: The Sun

As for how Married at the First Sight UK‘s (MAFS) intruder bride pulled off that drastic physical transformation and went from being fat to fit, Naylor shared with her Insta followers that she went to the gym and trained for 4-5 days a week.  She also revealed that she worked on her relationship with her food and it turned out to be really helpful in moving forward with the weight loss journey. When she was asked how she did not cave in, Adrienne Naylor said,

In relation to food I’m pretty savvy and know how to get the best out of my calories… I would 100% recommend having someone to be accountable to and do weekly check ins. Make sure you have foods you enjoy and don’t restrict yourself too much.

For the MAFS viewers who want to know what she does in the gym, she said that she had found the right balance of strength training over cardio, and that worked out pretty well for her considering she preferred the former over the latter because of her fears of loose skin. Adrienne’s weight loss journey has been a huge success partly due to this.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s areas which aren’t as tight as they should be, but I feel like it would have been worse without strength training.