Aisling Bea Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Botox and Fillers?


Aisling Bea appears to have had plastic surgery such as Botox and fillers.

Aisling Bea’s fans wonder if she has had plastic surgery because she looks a bit too perfect and too clean unlike before. They suspect that the comedian has dabbled in Botox and fillers. But that’s just a hunch as Aisling Bea has never responded to the speculations about plastic surgery. Either she does not care for it or she does not want to reveal she has had work done. 

Aisling Bea is a genius comedian and a writer as well. In fact, she very well may be one of the best comedians to come out of the United Kingdom. If you have watched the Channel 4 comedy series This Way Up, you would have known how funny she is. She did not just star in it, she also created and wrote it. Like I meant, she is just all-round brilliant. Did you know that she won the “So You Think You’re Funny?” award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012 for her stand-up comedy? She was the second woman to be honored with the award in its 25-year history.

Besides stand-up comedy, writing, and acting, Aisling Bea also appears regularly on light entertainment comedy panel shows such as QI and 8 Out of 10 Cats. That’s where you can see her quick wit more closely. Anyway, the longer she has been around, the funnier she seems to get. And also more perfect in her appearance. Let’s talk about that today! Like, has she had plastic surgery because how come she looks so clean in the face and a little bit like she’s moving to the uncanny valley territory?

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Aisling Bea’s Plastic Surgery: She May Be Going to the Uncanny Valley Territory!

Aisling Bea (@weemissbea) looks like she has gotten plastic surgery in recent years. She appears as though she may have perfected her looks with some subtle artificial enhancements. Fans suspect that she has had Botox and fillers.

Aisling Bea looks like she has dabbled in plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comAisling Bea looks like she has dabbled in plastic surgery.
Image Source: Deadline

The very first UK Rolling Stone Awards was held at London’s Camden Roundhouse earlier tonight and the air there was electric with excitement and anticipation. A lot of stars graced the ceremony with their presence but let’s talk about Aisling who was literally shining. It appeared as though you could not look at her because it may blind you. She looked that gorgeous and very unreal. Has she had plastic surgery? This question ran in many audiences’ minds later on every social media.

And can you blame people for thinking that about Aisling Bea and in general when celebs make a public appearance? I mean, you could say that people are being too nosy and intrusive with their questions and speculations and that they need to stop scrutinizing celebrities’s appearance and putting them in the spotlight with discussions about plastic surgery and that would indeed be the truth but yet, the truth can’t stop the viewers from wondering if the beauty they are so mesmerized by is natural or enhanced. Especially when it comes to celebrities and public figures, it can’t, and not now that it’s quite literally the cosmetic surgery era.

Now, coming back to Aisling Bea, she looked very cool and sensational dressed in a chic tweed blazer and matching miniskirt which showed off her long-toned legs. She finished her look with black tights and platform heels and accessorized with a selection of gold jewelry consisting of numerous earrings. The red lipstick she had on, which was a high contrast to her pale face, highlighted her facial features and the creepy perfectness of it which is what set off the question about plastic surgery among people in the first place.

What Plastic Surgery Has Aisling Bea Had?

Aisling Bea may have had Botox and fillers. houseandwhips.comAisling Bea may have had Botox and fillers.
Image Source: The Telegraph

The comedian looked very pale and shiny and perfect which was great to look at, for a while. At first, people were dazzled by how much she was shining, and later on, they realized how unnatural it was because her paleness showed that she was not far away from uncanny valley territory. It looked like she had too much Botox because nobody glows to the extent that things reflect off their forehead without having plastic surgery.

Also, look at her plump cheeks. Aisling Bea had to have had fillers and that might be what’s making her look so different from how she used to look before. You see, it’s not just that she looks way too perfect and eerily so, but it’s also the fact that she did not look like that before, which makes it seem as though she might be heading into unreal territory with too much plastic surgery.

It’s like the older she gets, the smoother and cleaner and more flawless she looks. Did she just master makeup or did she also master cosmetic procedures? If you were to look at her before and after pictures side-by-side for comparison, you would lean towards the latter. Anyway, these are just hunches and speculations and so far, Aisling Bea has not made any comments on the discussion about her plastic surgery that’s going on in the social media.