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On June 3, 2023 By Sharon

Lauren Graham's Plastic Surgery: Has She Had a Nose Job?

Lauren Graham's ageless appearance has caused her fans to speculate she has had plastic surgery to aid her with the...
On June 1, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Jennifer Hedger's Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Botox?

Jennifer Hedger cannot evade plastic surgery speculations because of how youthful and fresh she still looks, at the age of...
On June 1, 2023 By Urban

Louise Redknapp’s Plastic Surgery: What’s the Truth?

Over the year, Louise Redknapp has been accused of receiving numerous plastic surgery procedures. However, the 48-year-old singer previously revealed...
On June 1, 2023 By Sharon

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Plastic Surgery: Botox, Jaw Reduction, Eyelid Surgery & Fillers!

For years, allegations about Arnold Schwarzenegger's plastic surgery have circulated, ranging from jaw reduction to eyelid surgery to Botox and...
On June 1, 2023 By Rachel

Eamonn Holmes' Plastic Surgery: Has He Had Botox and a Facelift?

Eamonn Holmes is suspected by his followers of having plastic surgery to aid with aging "gracefully" and looking young and...
On May 29, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Elle Macpherson's Plastic Surgery: She Looks As Young As Ever!

Elle Macpherson has always maintained that she has left her face alone and has not had any plastic surgery procedures...
On May 29, 2023 By Urban

Gordon Ramsay’s Plastic Surgery: Has the 56-Year-Old Chef Received Any Cosmetic Treatments?

Gordon Ramsay has been accused of receiving plastic surgery as many people believe he does not look natural. Well, the...
On May 28, 2023 By Sharon

Susan Sarandon's Plastic Surgery: The Actress Then and Now!

Susan Sarandon looks very young for her age which has led to people speculating that she has had plastic surgery....
On May 28, 2023 By Rachel

James Arthur's Plastic Surgery: Why Does His Face Look Different?

James Arthur's fans wonder if he has had any plastic surgery (Botox) recently because his face looks very smooth and...
On May 27, 2023 By Harvey

Channique Sterling-Brown's Weight Loss: Has Dee-Dee From Coronation Street Lost Weight?

Channique Sterling-Brown is believed by fans to have undergone a slight weight loss. Dee-Dee from Coronation Street was not very...
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