Jessica Lange’s Plastic Surgery: She Wants People To Think She Is Natural!


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Jessica Lange has a plastic look to her that gives away the cosmetic work she has had. – Jessica Lange has never been upfront about the plastic surgery enhancements she seems to have had. She once had her publicist deny it for her decades ago and has never addressed the speculations since then. Experts believe that Jessica Lange has had Botox, a brow lift, a facelift, and fillers but there has been neither confirmation nor denial from her.

Jessica Lange is one of the most fascinating and gifted actresses in Hollywood. She is extremely skilled at what she does and that’s why she is one of the very few performers to have achieved the Triple Crown of Acting, with two Academy Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award to her name. She also has five Golden Globe Awards and one Screen Actors Guild Award. She has shined brilliantly in everything she has done be it films, television shows, and stage performances.

Some of Jessica Lange’s notable movie credits are ‘Music Box’, ‘Crimes of the Heart’, ‘Sweet Dreams’, and ‘Big Fish’. She has also starred in television shows such as ‘O Pioneers!’, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, ‘Normal’, ‘Grey Gardens’, ‘American Horror Story’, and ‘Feud’. She is a fantastic actress and she has nailed performances in every single thing she has done. You could say that she’s very convincing in every role she plays but one thing she hasn’t been able to convince is that she has not had cosmetic work done. It looks like she would rather people think she is natural than plastic. But they think she has gone under the knife. Let’s talk about that!

Jessica Lange Does Not Look Natural!

Jessica Lange has that look to her that just screams plastic surgery. It’s not that hard to tell from her appearance that she has dabbled in Botox and fillers, and undergone a facelift and a brow lift. But she does not seem to want to talk about that.

Jessica Lange has sparked cosmetic surgery speculations after her appearance at the 2024 Oscars. houseandwhips.comJessica Lange has sparked cosmetic surgery speculations after her appearance at the 2024 Oscars.
Image Source: People

Jessica was one of the presenters at the recently held 2024 Oscars. The Hollywood icon gave a wonderful surprise to the public as she made a rare red carpet appearance at the ceremony after a long time. In a shimmering black gown styled by Negar Ali-Kline, she looked striking and every bit of the star that she truly is. People were happy to see that she looked so radiant. And in no time, they also began to wonder how she came to look like that. She looked great but she had a plastic look to her and people were bound to talk about that.

Jessica Lange was super gorgeous when she was young and her fans wish that they could say that she looks gorgeous even now but she seems to have messed up her aging by tampering with her face because she definitely doesn’t look ‘great’. I mean, she looks just fine but you really can’t miss the plastic in her that doesn’t compliment her appearance at all. She has that cat-like appearance that’s the tell-tale sign of bad cosmetic intervention. It’s not hard to tell by looking at her that she has had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and a brow lift.

Jessica Lange’s spotlessly smooth skin, her face that she can’t move as freely as she did in her younger years, and her pillowy complexion just scream Botox and fillers. Her eyes which seem to be unusually wide open and that tight and pulled-back look on her face is indicative of a brow lift and a facelift. This much is very obvious but if you still somehow doubt it, here’s what expert Dr. Anthony Youn said about Lange’s appearance in an interview with RadarOnline.

Is Jessica Lange’s face an ‘American Horror Story’ of plastic surgery? Not really, but I suspect that she’s had a good amount of work done over the years. Her high and arched eyebrows cause me to believe she’s had a browlift. Her taut neckline is a possible sign of a well-done facelift. I also believe she’s had her eyelids done, as they don’t appear to show any of the sagging skin or puffiness of typical woman her age.

Jessica Lange Does Not Seem To Want To Reveal That She Has Had Cosmetic Work Done!

Jessica Lange has denied having work done. Jessica Lange has denied having work done.
Image Source: Deadline

It very much looks like she has had cosmetic enhancements. She does not really look natural that would make anyone believe that she has been blessed with great genes or that she has a great skincare regimen that has helped her age like wine. As the years have gone by, she is starting to look more and more like the cat lady Jocelyn Wildenstein and that’s not a good look on anyone. However, as much as obvious it is that Jessica Lange has had work done, she does not seem to want to admit to it.

The actress has been the subject of cosmetic surgery speculations for decades but she hasn’t once acknowledged those speculations. She hasn’t made any comments on it. She once had her PR rep deny in 2008 and since then, there has been nothing but silence from her on that front. When her PR rep denied that she had work done, she kind of let it be known that Jessica Lange was offended by all the speculations (‘how could you write that after admitting that they were a fan of Jessica’s work’ is what she asked that person who wrote a piece about it). In a call made to her for the inquiry about rumors of Lange’s cosmetic enhancements, she said,

It’s absolutely not true. And Jessica will not comment on it because it’s not true.

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