Steve Garvey Should Cool It With Plastic Surgery!


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Steve Garvey's unnatural plastic look has made people think about his cosmetic surgery. – Steve Garvey has had all kinds of plastic surgery procedures performed on him by the looks of it. He has ever admitted to going under the knife but given how unnatural and unsettling he looks, he has more likely had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and a brow lift, than not. Steve Garvey is also suspected of having a neck lift, blepharoplasty, and chin implant but he’s been very tight-lipped about the whole thing.

Steve Garvey used to be one of the biggest baseball stars in the 1970s and ’80s. He amassed a huge number of fans with his impressive play on the field. He started his major league career with the Dodgers in 1969 and within five years of that, in 1974, he had already won the National League (NL ) Most Valuable Player Award. He also became the National League Championship Series MVP in 1978 and won the World Series ring as a member of the Dodgers’ 1981 Series-winning squad.

Steve Garvey’s career went equally smooth if not more with the San Diego Padres as well. He became named a National League Championship Series MVP in 1984. He was an NL All-Star for 10 seasons overall in his career and he holds the NL record for consecutive games played with 1,207. No wonder everyone loved his play. Also, his rugged, all-American good looks never hurt his fame. However, with the way he looks these days, it seems as if he’s hurting his good looks by going under the knife. Let’s talk about that today!

Steve Garvey Looks Unlike His Age and Unlike His Species!

We are never going to know how Steve Garvey would age naturally because he has messed his face with cosmetic enhancements. Maybe he would have gone on to be a silver fox but before nature took its course with his aging, he intervened it with all sorts of plastic surgery procedures.

Steve Garvey is widely believed to have messed his face with cosmetic work. houseandwhips.comSteve Garvey is widely believed to have messed his face with cosmetic work.
Image Source: CNN

Garvey, the former baseball star, is entering politics. In October 2023, he made an announcement of his candidacy in the upcoming 2024 United States Senate election in California. Since then, the spotlight he had faded out of after the end of his baseball career sort of has been growing around him and it has resulted in a lot of focus on his appearance because well, he looks the way he looks. Unlike his age and unlike his species. Very plastic.

Steve Garvey has not dealt with aging in the best way because if he had handled aging well, he would not have overloaded his face with tons of cosmetic enhancements. You only have to look at him to know that he has gone under the knife and injections more times than necessary. He may have stopped himself aging but he has not really made himself younger. I mean, sure he has no wrinkles and lines, and his face has not sagged but that’s about it. What is unfortunate is that the lack of signs of aging has not complimented his appearance in any way.

Steve Garvey most likely aimed to retain his youthfulness but in getting all the cosmetic treatment he did, even naturalness slipped from his reach and now, he’s out there, looking barely human, like some creature that’s masquerading as a human. He has reached uncanny valley and it looks very creepy. He looks too smooth, too stiff, and too puffy. He looks artificial. He could very well be a mannequin designed after himself. He does not look old but he does not look human either at his 75 years.

What Has Steve Garvey Done To His Face?

Steve Garvey has never admitted to having any work done. houseandwhips.comSteve Garvey has never admitted to having any work done.
Image Source: Los Angeles Times

Just what did Garvey do to his face that messed up his face like that? That’s a question everyone who sees him wonders about him. Well, there’s no certain answer to that because there has been no confirmation from himself. He has never revealed any procedures he has had. He has not even confessed that he has had work done even though it could not be more obvious than that (not that he has to, of course). But from the looks of it, Steve Harvey has had Botox, fillers, a facelift, and a brow lift. He is also suspected of having a chin implant, a neck lift, and a blepharoplasty.

His frozen and expressionless face gives away his Botox whereas his overly filled-out look on his cheeks screams fillers. Likewise, the tight, pulled-back look with the distinct absence of laugh lines is a very obvious sign that he has had a facelift. His unusually high brows suggest that he has had a lift there to open up the eye area. He also seems to have had a blepharoplasty. All in all, tons of cosmetic procedures, Steve Garvey has had. However, none that he has admitted to. Not that his being tight-lipped about it has kept his cosmetic enhancements under wraps.

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