Krystiana Tiana’s Partial Honesty About Her Plastic Surgery!


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Krystiana Tiana has very obviously had gotten her face and body plenty worked on. – Krystiana Tiana has admitted to having breast augmentation, lip fillers, and ab repair but fans think she has had many more plastic surgery procedures than just those. She has confirmed having a mommy makeover and fillers but never mentioned anything about a BBL or Botox. Krystiana Tiana has been only partially honest about all the cosmetic work she has had.

Krystiana Tiana‘s journey to social media fame began in 2020 when she started making TikTok videos of her family, especially her children. She really resonated with people as she showed her life as a mother and wife and how she dealt with her children and husband. She quickly amassed a huge number of followers on all her social media and became massive. The family content she puts out, which is mostly the videos she records of her husbands and her kids and their antics, has garnered over 6 million views to date.

Krystiana Tiana is now a proper full-time social media influencer. From that only, I think you know that she’s someone who often has become the subject of speculations about cosmetic procedures. It’s as if it’s an unspoken rule for influencers that they should enhance their appearances and bodies with cosmetic procedures because they all do. And it’s as if it’s an unspoken rule for us that we should talk about what cosmetic treatments they have had because we always do. Anyway, let’s talk about what she has done!

Krystiana Tiana Has Admitted to Having a Breast Augmentation, Lip Fillers, and Ab Repair Only!

Krystiana Tiana has opened up about her plastic surgery but not quite completely. She has shared that she has had lip fillers, breast augmentation, and ab repair but that’s not all the procedures she has had. Everyone knows she has had BBL and BBL reversal, and there have been suspicions about Botox liposuction as well.

Krystiana Tiana has clearly had work done on her face. houseandwhips.comKrystiana Tiana has clearly had work done on her face.
Image Source: The Sun

Krystiana has a face which when you look at, you can’t help but wonder what work she has had. It tracks that she’s an influencer, doesn’t it? Because you can’t be an influencer (@krystianatiana) with your natural appearance. You can’t “influence” people on social media until you look like a mannequin and that’s how it’s been with her. There are no before and after pictures available for comparison but you don’t need them because she looks so artificially manufactured that the first thing you will observe about her is that all of her facial features have been tweaked in some way. She has obviously gone under the knife.

Krystiana Tiana, with her stiff and frozen face with not even a single line, her overly straight, narrow, and defined nose, and her plump lips, has obviously had all the procedures to match up to the standards of beauty. But she has only admitted to having lip fillers. That one, I think she had to because it’s not like she could have hidden it because her lip fillers had messed up her face really bad which was so obvious. However, Botox and nose job, she has not admitted to even though those procedures are blatant too.

Besides the lip fillers, Krystiana Tiana has also opened up about having breast augmentation and ab repair. And while a lot of her followers have appreciated her for being so honest and transparent about her boob job and ab repair (she said that she has a mommy makeover), there are many who were stumped as to why she is being so evasive about her BBL when it’s so obvious. Now that she’s removed her BBL, they think that she did not open up about that procedure in particular because she was ashamed of it.

Krystiana Tiana Has Had Many More Procedures Than Just the Ones She Admitted To!

Krystiana Tiana has not admitted to all the cosmetic procedures she has had. houseandwhips.comKrystiana Tiana has admitted to only lip fillers and a boob job but not Botox and a BBL.
Image Source: The US Sun

Well, her BBL was really something to be ashamed of. It looked so bad. It made her look comical because it was so unrealistic that it looked like she was wearing a huge diaper. People did call it ‘ass diaper’. She might have been too aware of how her butt looked so, she could not bring herself to admit that she had BBL because it triggered her or something. Krystiana Tiana seems to have removed her BBL recently as her butt looks flat now. While many think she has revised or removed her implants, many think she has just had weight loss due to stress that’s changing her body.

She has indeed gotten considerably skinnier in recent months which is why many of her followers suspect that she has had liposuction. But there are many who think she’s lost weight because she is stressed about her baby being diagnosed with diabetes. While it doesn’t seem impossible that she would lose weight because of everything’s that going on with her and her children, it also doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that Krystiana Tiana would get a lipo. Whatever it is, whether or not she has removed her atrocious BBL and gotten liposuction, it does not look like she is interested in clearing that up.

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