Marie Helvin Doesn’t Want Her Plastic Surgery Discussed!


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Marie Helvin has never admitted to having cosmetic procedures except for Botox. – Marie Helvin says that she will never reveal if she takes the aid of plastic surgery to maintain her looks because she doesn’t want that to be everything written about her. She has shared that she has Botox two times a year though. An expert believes that she has had a lower facelift, fillers on her cheeks and lips, an eyelid lift, and a brow lift as well. Marie Helvin will never confirm or deny those speculations.

Marie Helvin is a legendary figure in the pop culture scene. She was an icon of the ’70s and ’80s fashion and style scene. She was a supermodel before supermodels became a thing. She was a trailblazer in what she did with modeling. She’s a 12-time ‘Vogue’ cover star, having appeared in numerous fashion stories for the magazine. She has collaborated with renowned photographer David Bailey (she was married to him from 1975 to 1985). She posed for a series of nude photographs that were published in his 1980 book ‘Trouble and Strife’.

Marie Helvin worked extensively with him on multiple stories for the British, Italian, and French editions of ‘Vogue’ as well. She was a prolific model. She still is, though she is not as prolific as before. She only recently did a campaign for a luxury lingerie brand and she looked phenomenal in that. You wouldn’t believe that she is in her 70s which brings us to the topic of her cosmetic procedures because ‘if anyone can look that young at her age, it’s only because they have had work done’. Let’s discuss how she maintains her looks!

Does Marie Helvin Look That Youthful Naturally?

Marie Helvin once used to be very proud that she hadn’t succumbed to the trend of going under the knife. Now, she won’t talk about it when it looks like she has finally given in to it. She has mentioned having Botox twice a year only. However, experts believe that she has had a lower facelift, fillers on her cheeks and lips, an eyelid lift, and a brow lift as well. 

Marie Helvin is believed to have had cosmetic works to maintain her looks. houseandwhips.comMarie Helvin is believed to have had cosmetic works to maintain her looks.
Image Source: The Times

Isn’t it amazing how wonderfully Marie has aged or rather, not aged at all? She looks so youthful and stunning that it takes you by extreme shock when you realize that she is 71. I mean, is it even possible to be that wrinkle-free and smooth in our 70s? That’s a rhetorical question because it’s not and we are just going to segue into a discussion about the cosmetic work she has had because, for a model who sells her looks, it cannot be a coincidence that she just ages like wine. Because her career depends on her looks, she puts effort into maintaining it and we have an idea of what those efforts might be.

Marie Helvin made an appearance on ITV’s ‘Loose Women’ just the other day and it looked like she had barely aged a day since she was in her prime. Her youthful looks became the talk of social media after that appearance. She often gets asked how she maintains her age-defying looks. But she never gives the answer people want to hear. She mostly only says things like a healthy eating and workout routine can go a long way. But people know that there’s much more to her maintenance than just that. They are convinced that she has gone under the knife.

But Marie Helvin just won’t admit to having taken the aid of cosmetic procedures. She has only ever shared that she gets Botox twice a year and that’s all we are getting from her. She will never confirm any procedures she has had, not because she’s trying to pass herself off as natural and hide the work she has had. But she doesn’t want her cosmetic surgery to be the talking point about her. The point is that she has not denied having work done and has said that she won’t talk about it ever. As she said,

Plastic surgery is a personal choice. I’m not going to say I haven’t done anything, I’m not going to say I have. I’m very honest but I find that when you start talking about things like that it defines you, it becomes everything that’s written.

What Are Expert’s Opinions on How Marie Helvin Maintains Her Looks?

So, Marie Helvin might not spill her secrets but there are some valid grounds for suspicion of procedures like Botox, fillers, and a facelift. Her spotlessly wrinkle-free face with very smooth and glowing skin gives away her Botox. Her overly plump lips, which were thin when she was young, are an obvious sign that she has had lip fillers. And her face not sagging and instead, looking tight like it has been stretched, has the trace of a facelift. She has obviously had all those cosmetic surgery procedures.

Marie Helvin has allegedly had fillers, a facelift, an eyelid lift, and a facelift. houseandwhips.comMarie Helvin has allegedly had fillers, a facelift, an eyelid lift, and a facelift.
Image Source: The Mirror

But those are just the obvious ones. Let’s hear what the expert has to add to that! A leading cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis seems to believe that cheek fillers, an upper eyelid lift, and a brow lift, are some other possible procedures that Marie Helvin might have had in addition to Botox, fillers, and a facelift. 

You would expect some degree of sagging around the jaw area and neck and you don’t see that, which indicates she has had a lower facelift. But the most obvious difference in her appearance is in her lips. She has never had particularly full lips. As we age, the collagen content shrinks and lips become smaller, but Marie’s have mysteriously been getting larger and larger. The most likely procedure she has had is some sort of injectable filler.

Marie Helvin seems to have gone under the knife to maintain her youth.

‘Marie has always had very prominent cheekbones, but if you have naturally high cheekbones the muscles do tend to sag and drop over timeIn her case, her cheeks could have been lifted and, in addition, it’s likely that a filler has been injected into them. Her nose-to-mouth lines are not prominent, which suggests again an injection into the area. And I suspect she has also had some work on her upper eyelids. They used to be quite full and now the area is very lifted and smooth, suggesting a trimming of excess sagging — that area can get quite crepey over time. She appears also to have had a brow lift, the outer half of her eyebrow is quite raised. Her skin is smooth and I would think her regime includes a light chemical peel and microdermabrasion to rejuvenate the skin.

If the expert is correct in his speculations, then I have to note how ironic it is that Marie Helvin, who once seemed so proud of not having succumbed to the trend of getting cosmetic treatment so soon, went on to get all these procedures later on. She once said that she would not get Botox because she won’t have anything injected into her that she can’t eat. She also said that she didn’t want a facelift look. It seems like time made her rethink her decision because she has most likely gotten those procedures.

In hindsight, Marie Helvin seemed to be annoying in how she often portrayed herself as being above “being unnatural” and saying things like smiling makes you feel better and younger. But she has grown up with time. Also, at least, she’s not denying that she has had cosmetic surgery, only refusing to talk about it at all.

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