Has Jimmy Kimmel Gotten Plastic Surgery To Enhance His Looks?


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Jimmy Kimmel seems to have had cosmetic work, going by how better he is looking with age. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Jimmy Kimmel has sort of had a glow-up over the past few years. I mean, he’s looking better and better with age and it’s bound to make people wonder if he has had the help of plastic surgery to enhance his appearance. There’s a chance that he has had a nose job and some chin and jawline work. Jimmy Kimmel has never admitted to going under the knife. 

Jimmy Kimmel, as someone who is the host of a late-night talk show that airs regularly on ABC, is a household name and face in the United States of America. He is a prolific presenter who has notably hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2012, 2016, and 2020. He also hosted the Academy Awards in 2017, 2018, 2023, and 2024. He used to be the co-host of Comedy Central’s ‘The Man Show’ and ‘Win Ben Stein’s Money’. Though presenting shows is most of his job, that’s not all he does. He is also a comedian, writer, and producer.

He has been serving as the executive producer of his talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ since it began in 2003. Besides that, he has also produced shows such as ‘Crank Yankers’, ‘Sports Show with Norm Macdonald’, and ‘The Andy Milonakis Show’. He has been very out there in pop culture with the hosting and producing he does. No wonder he was named one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” in 2018. He’s very relevant. He only recently hosted the 2024 Oscars and as a sign of his relevancy, he is trending on the internet because people are discussing the cosmetic work he might have had. Let’s talk about that!

Jimmy Kimmel Is Looking Better and Better; Did He Get Some Cosmetic Treatments?

It seems like Jimmy Kimmel has had cosmetic work done on her chin and jawline from his before and after pictures. He appears to have undergone a nose job as well. He is looking much better and better these days and there’s a chance that it’s the work of cosmetic treatments.

Jimmy Kimmel is thought to have gone under the knife following his appearance at the 2024 Oscars. houseandwhips.comJimmy Kimmel is thought to have gone under the knife following his appearance at the 2024 Oscars.
Image Source: TheWrap

Kimmel did a very good job hosting the recent Academy Awards show for the most part. He engaged the audience for the entirety of the show and didn’t let anyone get bored which is not easy to achieve. He kept the jokes and monologues going and he kept it decent. He did not allow any controversy to form around his hosting gig but he is still trending on the internet not because of anything he said or did at the event but because of how he looked at it. Yeah, what I’m referring to is the plastic surgery speculations!

In case you have missed it, Jimmy Kimmel’s just getting better and better with time. He is aging like wine. He looks much more attractive than he did when he was young. He lacked the s*x appeal in his younger years (he was just a funny guy back then) but now, he’s a silver fox. It’s just baffling to see a man who was never noted for his looks get all hunky with time and age. You can’t help but think that he has gone under the knife to enhance his appearance. It’s not exactly out of the realm of possibility.

Jimmy Kimmel Has Never Mentioned Going Under The Knife!

Even if there’s a high chance that Kimmel has had work done to refine his appearance, people cannot be as certain about that as they are with some other celebs’ cosmetic enhancements because he looks very natural. Looking at his past pictures and comparing them to his recent ones, you can tell that he looks very different and much better than when he was younger but you cannot exactly pinpoint what it is that makes the difference. When that’s the case, it’s usually because celebs have gotten tasteful and subtle work done and I believe that’s the case with Jimmy Kimmel as well.

Jimmy Kimmel has supposedly had a nose job and some work on his chin and jawline. houseandwhips.comJimmy Kimmel has supposedly had a nose job and some work on his chin and jawline.
Image Source: Variety

According to a Reddit user, Jimmy has had a rhinoplasty and also done a subtle facial reshaping by getting their chin and jaws done. 

kimmel got some very tasteful and subtle work done that really changed and upgraded his appearance and facial harmony. i see a nose job and possibly chin and jawline work. he looks great.

Many people have said that he looks different just because he lost weight but weight loss makes you look thinner, not more handsome, so there’s that. As another Redditor put it,

surgeons usually say that if a patient wants to get work done on their face discreetly, weight loss is the perfect time to get it because you can play it off as weight loss – trust no (famous) man who suddenly was 100x more attractive after losing 10-20 pounds!! these men out here are frauds

Note that Jimmy Kimmel has never mentioned going under the knife or ever acknowledged the speculations that he has had cosmetic work.

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