Taeyeon’s Fans Think She Should Stop With The Plastic Surgery!

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Taeyeon looks like two different person in her before and after cosmetic surgery pictures. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Taeyeon seems to have undergone every plastic surgery there is. She has changed her eyes, her nose, her mouth, her chin, her jaw, and her cheeks, which is just about every single feature on her face, so extensively that fans are starting to worry about her. Taeyeon has never admitted to getting work done even though it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

Taeyeon is one of the most prominent and the most successful celebrities in South Korea. She had a terrific start to her career in 2007 when she debuted as a member of the girl group ‘Girls’ Generation’ which went on to be one of the the most popular K-pop groups and one of the best-selling artists in South Korea. She has also notably been a part of ‘Girls’ Generation-TTS’, ‘SM the Ballad’, ‘Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG’, and the supergroup ‘Got the Beat’. She has not just been a hit as a part of the group but, with sales of over one million physical albums and twenty million digital singles, she has been commercially successful as a solo artist as well.

Taeyeon has ventured into reality shows and television as well. She has made appearances on reality shows such as ‘We Got Married’ and ‘Begin Again’. She also hosted ‘Queendom 2’ and is currently a cast member of ‘Amazing Saturday’. In addition to that, she has recorded soundtracks for several television dramas and films. She famously recorded ‘If’ for ‘Hong Gil-dong’, ‘Can You Hear Me’ for ‘Beethoven Virus’, and the chart-topping ‘All About You’ for ‘Hotel del Luna’. Her career has been very interesting but let’s talk about her appearance and what procedures she has had to change it for now!

Taeyeon Looks Like Two Different Person in Her Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures!

It’s really not an exaggeration when I say that Taeyeon has undergone every single plastic surgery procedure that has been invented till now (at least on the face). She has had double eyelid surgery, a nose job, some lip fillers, buccal fat removal, and chin and jawline reshaping. That covers about every feature on her face.

Taeyeon has had tons of cosmetic procedures to fit into the standards of beauty. houseandwhips.comTaeyeon has had tons of cosmetic procedures to fit into the standards of beauty.
Image Source: Rolling Stone India

It’s crazy when you look at pictures of Taeyeon when she was younger and then, at the more recent ones because she looks like a completely different person. Now, you can argue that she just looks different because of aging, makeup, grooming, and styling but no, it’s not that. If it were aging and grooming, there should have been a resemblance in the pictures because you only grow into your looks as you age, your facial structure does not change. But there’s no resemblance and the before and after pictures look like they could be of an unrelated young girl next door and a cosmetic surgery-enhanced celebrity.

Taeyeon has changed her entire face to suit the trendy standards of beauty. She used to have tiny monolid eyes, a wide and bulbous nose, chubby cheeks, a wide jawline, and an undefined chin. She was pretty even then with all her original features but South Korea is just too superficial, stringent, and harsh with what they consider to be beautiful, and she must have felt pressured to alter herself to appeal to the general public in terms of her looks. Whatever the reason behind the change, she has gone too far with it that it’s worrying now.

Taeyeon now has wide eyes with double eyelids (her eyes look more ‘Western’ than ever), a very thin, sharp, and defined nose, pouty lips, slim cheeks, a much narrower jawline, and a pointed chin. She has really reconstructed and reshaped her facial structure with how she has shaved her jawline and narrowed her cheekbones to oblivion. Her face looks very small now and it’s not because she lost facial fat as she grew up or because her facial bones somehow started shrinking in her 20s. It’s plain cosmetic procedures.

Taeyeon’s Fans Are Worried About The Dramatic Change In Her Appearance!

Taeyeon's fans are worried about the extreme change in her looks. houseandwhips.comTaeyeon’s fans are worried about the extreme change in her looks.
Image Source: NME

The singer has never admitted to going under the knife but, at this point, does she even need to for us to be sure about it? I mean, it’s the most obvious thing in the world that she has had work done to change her entire face because of the extreme difference. People are not awaiting confirmation from her side, now they are just worried about her because the dramatic change she is continuing to go through does not make her look like she’s in a secure state of mind (they are worried that she might be struggling with body dysmorphia). Taeyeon‘s fans are concerned about her.

As one of them pointed out,

Why has she altered such a naturally beautiful face? Now she resembles a doll whose chin has been excessively sculpted. It’s like she’s starting to look like the shape of a spinning top, similar to Kwanghee’s face…

Another said,

Her face is starting to become Michael Jackson-fied…

A third spelled out why Taeyeon is seemingly obsessed with getting cosmetic enhancements.

Once you get cosmetic surgery, then the next steps are continued surgical procedures by default. Because you have to keep adjusting the way your nose goes up and the way your eyelids start to droop…

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