Lorde's Weight Gain Nightmare: Her Brave Battle Unveiled!

Lorde’s Weight Gain Nightmare: Her Brave Battle Unveiled!


Lorde Weight Gain: The singer’s honest lyrics on body image in ‘The girl, so confusing version with Lorde’ spark empathy ...

Justin Timberlake's Nose Job & Plastic Surgery Rumors Explained

Justin Timberlake’s Nose Job & Plastic Surgery Rumors Explained


Justin Timberlake’s DWI mugshot fuels nose job rumors, dividing fans over plastic surgery vs. aging, with his altered appearance sparking ...

Taeyeon looks like two different person in her before and after cosmetic surgery pictures.

Taeyeon’s Fans Think She Should Stop With The Plastic Surgery!

Derick Scholz – Taeyeon seems to have undergone every plastic surgery there is. She has changed her eyes, her nose, her mouth, ...

Vanessa Hudgens has gotten bigger with her pregnancy.

Vanessa Hudgens Is Pregnant: Her Weight Gain Examined!

Rachel – Has Vanessa Hudgens had a weight gain? Well, she is pregnant and women tend to get bigger when ...

Beth Ditto is happy the way she is and has no plans to lose weight.

Beth Ditto Doesn’t Think About Weight Loss!

Derick Scholz – Beth Ditto has no plans to undergo weight loss anytime soon or far in the future. At 5’2″, she ...

Ashley Tisdale has gotten bigger and rounder since her High School Musical days.

Ashley Tisdale’s Weight Gain: She Looks Puffier and Rounder Now!

Harvey – Ashley Tisdale didn’t look her slimmest self in a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, ...

Kitty Chicha has worried her fans with a drastic change in her figure.

Did Kitty Chicha Undergo Weight Loss For Modeling or Acting?

Sharon – Kitty Chicha Amatayakul’s fans are worried about her health because she has gotten too skinny following weight loss ...

Ellie Goulding is believed to have had a rhinoplasty.

Ellie Goulding Would Never Admit to a Nose Job If She Got One!

Sharon – Ellie Goulding does appear to have had a nose job but only from certain angles does her nose ...

Karina from Aespa has become the subject of cosmetic surgery discussion yet again.

Aespa: Karina’s Fans Have Debunked Plastic Surgery Claims!

Rachel – Karina from Aespa appears to have had plastic surgery because she looks very different in her before and ...

Examining if Ana Bárbara Has Gotten Her Nose Done!

Examining if Ana Bárbara Has Gotten Her Nose Done!

Harvey – Ana Barbara has been accused of having her nose altered following her recent appearance at an award presentation, ...

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