Beth Ditto Doesn’t Think About Losing Weight!

Derick Scholz

Beth Ditto is happy the way she is and has no plans to lose weight. – Beth Ditto has no plans to lose weight anytime soon or far in the future. At 5’2″, she weighs about 210 pounds and that isn’t exactly in keeping with the skinny trend that is in these days. So, Beth Ditto, at any time, has thousands of people giving her unsolicited advice to eat right, work out, and get fit. But rather than changing her to meet the standards, she has deemed it fit to embrace being plus-sized.

Beth Ditto burst into the music scene in 2006 with her indie rock band ‘The Gossip’ and kind of shook the world with her attitude. She was immensely talented. Her vocals are breathtaking (her voice has been compared to Etta James’, Tina Turner’s, and Janis Joplin’s), and her music showed the rebellious streak she has in her and had a fresh quality to it which was very enjoyable to listen. So, people really missed her when Gossip disbanded and she started a career in fashion.

Beth Ditto had a solo career but it was just not the same when she was trying out fashion and acting (she notably played the role of a country singer ‘Gigi Roman’ on the Fox drama series ‘Monarch’ in 2022). Anyway, Gossip has reformed now and she has come back now. The band recently headlined the 6 Music Festival. With her back in the spotlight, along with the conversations about her music, the discourse about her size, weight, and physicality has resurfaced in full force. Many people want to know if she has any plans for losing weight. Let’s talk about that now!

Beth Ditto Is Happily Plus-Sized!

A lot of people think that it would be best for Beth Ditto if she loses weight and keeps her weight in check. Standing at 5’2″, she weighs about 95 kilos (210 pounds) and is considered to be morbidly obese. Even so, she doesn’t seem to have any plans to get thin.

Beth Ditto always has people talking about her weight. houseandwhips.comBeth Ditto always has people talking about her weight.
Image Source: Variety

‘The Gossip’ frontwoman has always been unapologetic about her size and it was very refreshing and inspirational for plus-sized girls everywhere when she first burst into the music scene in 2006, and didn’t make herself smaller because of her weight and didn’t make a big deal of her heaviness. It was a time when there were few things that a woman could do that were considered worse than being fat. Her arrival was met with several discourses about her weight that were just a rehash of how ugly it was to be fat. She had everyone suggesting that she lose weight.

And Beth Ditto might have just given in to the pressure to look skinny as was the trend if she hadn’t been strong-minded as she is, if she hadn’t had the same back-and-forth played out (in a much smaller scale), and if she hadn’t decided that she was not the one in the wrong there. By her own admission, she was not very pleased about the way she looked (society never lets a woman who is anything less than skinny feel beautiful), and was often mocked for her weight. But she never let that be a reason to change herself.

Even though Beth Ditto, at times, found it hurtful and considered going on a diet because she ‘cannot ignore the world’, she decided that she wanted to be accepted the way she was and didn’t want to change herself because ‘life is too short for that’. So, she has never made any efforts for weight loss to come in favor of the society which has a preference for skinny women. She is plus-sized and she is happy the way she is.

Beth Ditto Seems To Have No Plans To Lose Weight Ever!

Beth Ditto doesn't want to lose weight. houseandwhips.comBeth Ditto doesn’t want to lose weight.
Image Source: The Guardian

Many people want her to change her lifestyle and get skinny and healthy for her own sake but Ditto is largely fixated on promoting the body positivity movement and working towards the inclusion of plus-sized women. She even started her own clothing line because she was sick of women past a certain size being limited in their choices to formless clothes and poor-quality materials because nobody designs clothes for them. Speaking of her clothing line which she launched specifically for fat women, Beth Ditto said,

There is nothing like that for us, in terms of quality. So much of plus-size fashion is disposable and way, way f**king overpriced for what it is. You end up feeling like you’re being marginalised.

So, yeah, Beth has no immediate plans to lose weight to get thin. She seems to be content with the way she is. And all the people who don’t think twice before sending her unsolicited advice to do something about her weight, she would rather them open up their minds and widen their idea of what beauty is beyond size. She thinks that the change in the perception of beauty is important. She is all about the body positivity movement. Speaking of it in a 2016 interview, Beth Ditto said,

The feminist movement has taken back the word fat. The discrimination and marginalisation of fat people, especially fat women, was definitely connected to the patriarchy and self-hatred and keeping us in a shameful position of taking up space and all these other things that are feminism 101, like girl punk rock feminism and the aesthetic attached to that. Now, it’s more in pop culture and mainstream because we’ve been pushing for it for 30 years. It’s a very different conversation than it was. We’ve got to keep the movement going and no backlash.

Beth Ditto did once lose a bit of weight ahead of her wedding but it was nothing drastic and just noticeable enough.

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