Lisa Valastro’s Weight Loss Secret is Her Bounce Classes!

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Lisa Valastro started a fitness journey in 2014. – Lisa Valastro had a major weight loss transformation when she lost about 85 pounds in 2014 and since then, she has mostly maintained herself. Many people suspected that she had surgery but she never confirmed it. She did once share that her fitness secret was jumping on a mini trampoline. And that was all Lisa Valastro has ever said about how she keeps herself in shape.

Lisa Valastro‘s credit to fame might be that she’s the wife of ‘Cake Boss’ star Buddy Valastro but now, she’s a reality TV star in her own right. She’s not just a recurring character in the reality show that followed the family and the family business, Carlo’s Bakery. She now has her own podcast called ‘What’s up Cuz?’ which she co-hosts with comedian Erica Spera, her cousin. She often discusses what it’s like to be the wife of a public figure and how she handles the fame aspect of it.

Lisa Valastro also has her own cooking series that is available Buddy’s YouTube channel named ‘Kitchen Boss’. She famously said that Buddy is the ‘Cake Boss’ whereas she is the ‘Cook Boss’. She is a fantastic cook. Do you ever wonder how she or any cook maintains their weight when they can have anything they want because they are cooks? A lot of people wonder how Lisa maintains herself. Well, let’s learn about how she stays in shape in detail!

Lisa Valastro Had To Lose Weight To Get As Skinny As She Is Now!

Lisa Valastro’s fitness story begins from when she shed a whopping 85 pounds in 2014. She was suspected of having surgery by many people but she never shared how she lost weight at the time. She has maintained herself since then. 

Lisa Valastro lost a whopping 85 pounds in 2014. houseandwhips.comLisa Valastro lost a whopping 85 pounds in 2014.
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The wife of ‘Cake Boss’ star is really slim and fit, isn’t she? I bet that the thought about how she manages to look that good when her husband can bake the most delicious cakes often crosses your mind because had it been us, we would be feasting on cakes 24/7 and we would look like round potatoes. Having an excellent baker is not all good and comes with its own challenges. But Lisa (@lisavalastro4) seems to have gotten better off the challenge because she looks very toned and great. But she was not always like that. There’s a fitness story to tell.

So, it’s not that Lisa Valastro becomes magically that fit and slim. It takes a lot of effort and dedication on her part to maintain herself. She was not always skinny like she is now. She used to look a bit rounder before. She wasn’t in the best shape in her pre-fame days. As she was required to be more on-camera after her husband’s career took off, she seemed to have felt the need to do something about her appearance because social media started to point out every imperfection in her body which made her self-conscious. And thus, she embarked on a journey of health and fitness.

In 2014, Lisa Valastro shocked everyone when she revealed that she had lost 85 pounds. It was a drastic transformation and her followers were really impressed to see how toned she had gotten. They were curious to know what she did in order to lose weight as well. But she never shared anything about her fitness journey. She didn’t elaborate on any diet plans or workout routines. All she said was that she had had weight loss and that was it.

How Did Lisa Valastro Lose 85 Pounds in 2014?

Lisa Valastro said that jumping on a trampoline was how she lost weight and got fit. houseandwhips.comLisa Valastro said that jumping on a trampoline was how she lost weight and got fit.
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Because Valastro never revealed how she lost weight, many people suspected that she had surgery. I mean, the transformation was too dramatic and she never gave an answer as to how she shed weight. She never mentioned any overhaul in her diet routine and exercise regimen. There had to be something that she did because nobody just loses 85 pounds like that. Lisa Valastro’s silence regarding her physical transformation only gave rise to the speculations about surgery.

She must not have liked that people thought that she had surgery to lose weight because, in 2019, she finally shared her fitness secret. Sharing a before and after picture of herself, where it was quite evident how dramatic of a transformation she had had, she said that jumping on a mini trampoline was what she did to lose weight. She went on to explain that she had worked out her entire adult life but nothing made her as toned as that trampoline. And that is all Lisa Valastro has said about her fitness till now. And even then, it looked like she was promoting her bounce classes.

I recently started working out at Perspirology in Sea Bright,New Jersey taking the bounce classes, I have to say I am so happy with my results!! Katie,Jason, and all of the instructors run a very unique and fun type of work out and they are all great!! They show you proper technique and form and it’s so much fun, on a trampoline. I’ve never had so many people tell me how fit and toned I look, i’ve worked out my entire adult life but never seen results like this. My hour long class flies by so fast that now I am completely addicted. I cannot start my day unless I take a bounce class. Not only is it a great work out it is a complete stress relief!! I can’t wait to keep on bouncing with you guys!!

That’s all we know about Lisa Valastro’s fitness and health journey because that’s all she has shared with us.

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