Rocco Mediate’s Career is Going Well After Physical Transformation!


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Golfer Rocco Mediate underwent a dramatic physical transformation over several years. – Golfer Rocco Mediate has definitely lost weight but not recently. He’s lost about 80 pounds over the last several years and he’s maintained himself really well since. He’s been a 34 waist for a while now after the longest time. His addiction to alcohol had caused him to gain weight, get unfit, and derail his career. For the sake of his daughter and his career, Rocco Mediate quit alcohol and started working out which made him fitter and thinner.

Rocco Mediate is one of the most skilled professional golfers there is. I mean, he has won six times on the PGA Tour and three times on the PGA Tour Champions and you can’t do that if you are not a good player. He also notably almost upset Tiger Woods in the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines South Course. He didn’t though. He lost after the first sudden-death hole after an 18-hole playoff but he was a very strong contender. In 2016, he won the Senior PGA Championship, which is one of the five senior majors.

Golfer Rocco Mediate always was a very promising player but his golf career was marred because of his back trouble. His highs were highs but his lows were even lower. Over the years, he has failed to make the best out of his opportunities because of his health. It has also been the cause of his weight fluctuations. The times he has gained weight, his career has never gone well. But for the past few years, he has been undergoing a health and fitness journey and he has been doing well in his games and tournaments as well. So, let’s talk about that today!

Golfer Rocco Mediate Has Gotten Real Lean and Fit!

Golfer Rocco Mediate underwent a significant weight loss of about 80 pounds over the last few years and he has really maintained himself since. He’s now about 165 pounds, a size 34 waist which is a lot lean compared to a 42 waist which didn’t reflect a good time for his career.

Golfer Rocco Mediate lost about 80 pounds over the last few years. houseandwhips.comGolfer Rocco Mediate lost about 80 pounds over the last few years.
Image Source: New York Post

So, Rocco really knocked it out of the park in the recently held Chubb Classic tournament. As he led the tournament with a 9-under-par 63, he also ignited conversations about the possibility of a win in his 60s and the revival of his career that has spanned decades and gone downfall for a good portion of it. His appearance and his game in the tournament also highlighted his fitness. He looked really lean and athletic and this has led to speculations that he has lost weight because he was not always slim like that.

Rocco Mediate, as someone who used to fill vodka in his water bottle while playing on tours, hasn’t always been the fittest. He started drinking because of his debilitating back pain and got addicted to it, which caused him to gain weight which, in turn, derailed the course of his career. But now, for the love of his daughter, and for the sake of his career as well, he’s quit drinking and it has already shown results. Over the last few years, he has really shed all the weight. His physical change has been very refreshing not just for him personally but professionally as well because he’s thriving.

Rocco Mediate has lost about 80 pounds in the last five years and weighs about 165 pounds now. He looks every bit like a proper athlete compared to how bloated and puffy he looked before. How did he manage to get rid of all the excess weight that he put on because of his drinking habit? Is there some special diet he followed or some hardcore workout routine that he stuck to? What’s the secret of his transformation? Well, as it turns out most of his getting fit is due to his quitting alcohol.

How Did Golfer Rocco Mediate Get Thinner? What’s His Diet and Workout Routine?

Golfer Rocco Mediate quit alcohol and started working out to lose weight. houseandwhips.comGolfer Rocco Mediate quit alcohol and started working out to lose weight.
Image Source: Golf Magazine

In a 2019 interview, Mediate addressed the change in his physique and said,

I quit drinking four years ago. That’s when it all started. Alcohol was 90% of the problem. It does bad things. I got rid of that. Then I started eating a little bit better. I don’t look at myself. I don’t weight myself. I don’t care. But I’m 33-34 waist now. I was 42.

Rocco Mediate’s physical transformation is not a recent one, he has worked on it for years, he has been thin for a while now. Since the golfer successfully lost weight, he’s done a good job of maintaining it which has done wonders for his career. Wanting to be around longer for his daughter has improved his way of life and thus, his physicality and his career.

I have a 6-year-old daughter. I want to be around longer. Alcohol was a habit, thank God, so it was easy to quit. If it’s a way of life, you got a problem.

Rocco Mediate’s fitness secret is not just his special diet wherein alcohol is cut off but it’s also his workout routine. During the 2021 Senior PGA Championship which took place at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in which he played 27 holes, it came up that he had gotten much more athletic, and while talking about his leanness, he credited his physique to a positive lifestyle and in particular, a regimen at the gym that was using VersaClimber which engaged both the arms and the legs in a climbing motion.

Got myself in better shape over the last four, five years. Dropped a whole bunch of weight and I spent a lot of time on the VersaClimber. And that’s what made the 27 holes not a big deal.

Golfer Rocco Mediate is really back now after the change in his physique which he’s maintained perfectly.

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