Lindsay Hubbard’s Weight Loss After Splitting With Ex-fiancé


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Lindsay Hubbard Lost Weight After Splitting With Ex-fiancé! – Lindsay Hubbard claims that she had a drastic weight loss following the failed engagement with her ex-fiancé, Carl Radke. She appears to have lost 20-30 pounds till now. Below, she discusses how her exercise regimen and dietary philosophy have enabled her to move past her breakup and become the healthiest version of herself—both inside and out.

Lindsay Hubbard is a 37-year-old American reality television actress, public relations specialist, and model. If you’re a fan of the reality show ‘Summer House’, you’ve probably heard about her, who has appeared in every season of the show, which airs on Bravo TV.

Recently, Lindsay Hubbard has been in the spotlight due to her stunning body transformation. As evidenced by her latest photos, she has undergone a significant physical transformation in recent days. So, if you’re curious to know how she lost weight and what she did to maintain her physique and stay in shape, we’ve got everything you need to know.

Lindsay Hubbard Has Allegedly Lost About 20-30 Pounds Till Now!

Lindsay Hubbard has recently undergone weight loss, probably between 20-30 pounds, following her broken engagement with Summer House co-star and ex-fiancé, Carl Radke. Since then, she has since made tabloid headlines, because of the way she handled stress and anxiety.

But importantly, she found healthy ways to re-establish her connection to herself and her ideals, which helped her shed a great lot of emotional dead weight. She has always relied on exercise as a sort of rehabilitation, having grown up participating in every activity imaginable.

Lindsay Hubbard's recent appearance after the change in her physique. houseandwhips.comLindsay Hubbard’s recent appearance after the change in her physique.
Image Source: Bravo TV

As a result, Lindsay Hubbard enjoys working out for its physical and mental health benefits, and she sees each sweat session as an opportunity to connect with herself. She said,

You’re in your own world. It’s the one time that no one has access to you, and it is the one time of day that you have for yourself.

Even while the TV actress enjoys taking specialty fitness classes more on that in a moment walking about the city is one of her favorite ways to work out. She usually goes out with a friend, so the exercise serves as a bonding activity. She went on to say,

Walking is just a really great way of clearing your mind and catching up, while also doing low-level cardio.

Similarly, Lindsay Hubbard, who is generally a runner, said, “It’s cold out, referring to her recent reluctance to pound the pavement but enjoys the fact that she can still tone her legs with a softer kind of training. She continued by saying,

With walking, especially in New York but just in general, that one muscle in your leg starts to indent a little bit further and deeper each time.

Furthermore, Lindsay Hubbard claimed that the cardio-sculpting workout class is excellent for toning, with the most noticeable results in her core. She added,  “Obviously, it’s super difficult [to be consistent] when you’re traveling all the time, so I just try to do as much as I can.”

Lindsay Hubbard’s Fitness Journey Continues With Barry’s Bootcamp Class and Simple & Nutritious Meals!

Talking about Lindsay Hubbard’s fitness journey, the Summer House viewers can recall her heading to Barry’s Bootcamp class on Saturday mornings with Carl Radke, usually before the rest of the cast awoke. It was something the pair had become known for and they were not about to lose it during the breakup. She said,

I used to go to Barry’s four or five times a week…and then over the last five months, my routine got a little bit crazy with travel. I just love the Barry’s workout, [so] every once in a while, I still pop into Barry’s. It’s a little bit hard to keep a consistent routine at one specific studio in New York City, especially since I’ve been traveling down to Nashville a lot more. But they do have a Barry’s there, and it’s wonderful.

Lindsay Hubbard lost weight after splitting with Carl Radke. houseandwhips.comLindsay Hubbard lost weight after splitting with Carl Radke.
Image Source: Bravo TV

The reality TV actress always starts her day with a protein-rich breakfast, such as a smoothie with protein powder, collagen powder, fiber powder, berries, almond butter, almond milk, yogurt, granola, or hard-boiled or scrambled eggs. Her most-quoted statement from season five of the show was,

My lunch usually involves a half of a sandwich because everyone knows I love sandwiches. So, I’ll eat half a sandwich or a salad.

Lindsay Hubbard takes a laissez-faire approach to dining, whether she orders in or dines out; she simply goes wherever she wants. But after the split, she started cooking again. She explained,

It’s usually very simple dishes because it’s mostly just for myself—it’s like a fish, a carb, and a vegetable. My favorite fish of all time is mahi mahi or grouper, but that’s a warm weather fish. So up here [in NYC], I typically make salmon with garlic, lemon, and rosemary roasted in the oven.

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