Sarah Ashcroft’s 2 Kgs Weight Loss Changed Her Drastically!


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Sarah Ashcroft lost about 2-3 kgs in five weeks in 2019. – Sarah Ashcroft underwent a weight loss of about 2-3 kgs a few years ago which brought a drastic change in her body composition and her appearance. The influencer tried the Keto diet at first and later signed up for a meal plan which helped her in her fitness journey. Sarah Ashcroft has done a good job of maintaining her weight loss and fitness with her diet plan and workout routine so far.

Sarah Ashcroft is kind of a pioneer of fashion blogging and social media influencing at least in the UK. She is one of the original fashion bloggers who established the brand she created by marketing it on social media. She was doing that at a time when social media marketing was alien as a concept. I mean, she started her fashion blog in 2013 and that was hardly the era of influencers and their brand sponsorships. She got the confidence to launch her own brand when the collections she created with two online fashion retail giants in the UK sold out immediately.

Sarah Ashcroft realized her selling power and that was the beginning of her social media entrepreneurship. She created SLA The Label in 2019 with athleisurewear and diversified it into other lines of products after it gained commercial traction. She’s now one of the most successful bloggers and social media influencers. She frequently posts vlogs about her self-care, skincare routine, and workout routine, which garner a lot of views. Her personal vlogs have got people interested in her fitness journey. So, let’s discuss her transformation!

Sarah Ashcroft Looks Much Fitter These Days!

Sarah Ashcroft underwent a minor weight loss in 2019. Even though she lost only 2-3 kgs, it brought about the biggest change in her appearance because the little weight she lost changed her entire body composition. 

Sarah Ashcroft lost about 2-3kgs a few years ago. houseandwhips.comSarah Ashcroft lost about 2-3kgs a few years ago.
Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Sarah’s looking much slimmer and fitter these days, isn’t she? She was never fat or anything like that but she didn’t exactly look thin back then either. I remember that she used to look bloated up till a few years ago. She appeared to be bulked up then in comparison. In particular, she seemed to have a noticeable pooch in the lower belly area. She wasn’t at her fittest obviously and she was well aware of that. That was when Sarah Ashcroft decided to lose some weight.

The social media influencer (@sarahhashcroft), at the time, had gained a bit of weight, a little more than she would have liked to because she was not staying on top of her fitness as she was busy with her work life. She mentioned that her work schedule, traveling, eating very badly and without care, not going to the gym, and not caring about the effects of it on her physique and fitness contributed to her weight gain. Thus, Sarah Ashcroft decided to make a change after learning that her fitness and health were being compromised by her lifestyle.

Not that she had gained weight tremendously and gotten fat to the point of being obese, she was just not as lean as she used to be which was not much of a difference, but once she realized that, she began working to lose weight anyway. She mentioned in a YouTube video that she didn’t necessarily think that anything was wrong with the way she looked but she was annoyed how her jeans and tops didn’t fit her. Sarah Ashcroft outgrowing her clothes was solely what drove her to embark on a journey to lose weight. 

How Did Sarah Ashcroft Get Leaner?

At first, she tried the Keto diet and while it did work for her, she decided to discontinue it because it made her miserable and affected her work life and social life. It was not very convenient for her as she had to travel a lot and go to dinners where she wouldn’t have control over the menu. When she was on the diet, she was craving normal meals, and tired of that, she didn’t stick to it. Sarah Ashcroft gave up the Keto diet in 30 days and started to search for other ways to lose weight. 

Sarah Ashcroft tried the Keto diet and then signed up for a meal plan to lose weight. houseandwhips.comSarah Ashcroft tried the Keto diet and then signed up for a meal plan to lose weight.
Image Source: Forbes

Everything fell into place for her when she came across a brand called Equalution which was essentially a health and fitness platform that helped people in their journey to lose weight by supervising what they ate. They basically created a meal plan for their clients with macros all set-out. So, the influencer signed up for a meal plan for eight weeks, and within five weeks, she could see the difference. Sarah Ashcroft lost about 2-3 kgs within five weeks of that meal plan which changed her physique considerably.

Her entire body composition changed and she looked a lot leaner and taller than how she looked when she carried the extra kgs. She has maintained herself really well since then. It was one of the best decisions she ever made to sign on to that meal plan because it educated her a lot about nutrition and with that knowledge, she is able to have a healthy and tasty diet. Losing weight is not that big of a deal for Sarah Ashcroft now because she knows her macronutrients now, how many grams of proteins she can consume in a day, how much fat she wants, and things like that.

Controlled but nutritious eating did wonders for her but that was not what led to her physical transformation solely. She was also going to the gym class and spin class then and I’m sure that helped. Even now, Sarah Ashcroft goes to work out in a gym five days a week and does intermittent fasting timely and this is how she maintains her body. 

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