Did Alek Manoah Have Weight Loss To Salvage His Career?


Alek Manoah allegedly had weight loss of 30 pounds during the off-season. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Alek Manoah appeared to have undergone a significant weight loss in a recent training session ahead of the pre-season game. The Blue Jays pitcher allegedly lost about 30 pounds in the offseason. Alek Manoah’s weight was blamed for his bad game in 2023, which might be why he embarked on a weight loss journey. He has not revealed his diet and workout routines yet.

Alek Manoah is a professional baseball pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball (MLB) who I’m certain you recognize because his rise was stratospheric. He was a very promising player when he was chosen by the Blue Jays as the 11th overall pick of the 2019 MLB draft out of West Virginia University. He made his MLB debut in 2021 and he became an All-Star in 2022 but 2023 was tough on him.

Alek Manoah went through a lot of downs last year, and people were not very supportive of him during his lows and they kept finding faults and blaming his weight for the turn his career took. They were like ‘he’s bad at baseball because he’s fat’ even though he had a brilliant start at the same weight. Anyway, it might have taken a toll on him and that might be why he underwent a tremendous weight loss during the off-season. We will be talking about that today!

Alek Manoah’s Weight Loss: He Allegedly Lost 30 Pounds To Prepare For The Upcoming Season!

Alek Manoah supposedly had a weight loss of about 30 pounds during the off-season in preparation for the upcoming season as he was considered fat at his usual 285 pounds.

Alek Manoah allegedly underwent a weight loss of 30 pounds. houseandwhips.comAlek Manoah allegedly underwent a weight loss of 30 pounds.
Image Source: Yahoo Sports

Manoah reportedly threw at camp recently and how refreshing it was to see him again with the glow in his face and the optimistic spring in his step that was there when he was a beginner and that was missing in the last year. As the players went about their daily workouts, he stood out in the Blue Jays’ locker room with his confidence. He looked very good with a new hairstyle and thick beard and also, very lean. He seems to have undergone a weight loss.

Alek Manoah was huge at 285 pounds just last year which seems to have changed now because he looks significantly leaner than before. Is the new spring in his walk from the confidence he got from his physical transformation? Is the change in his physique a part of his preparation for the upcoming season? He’s going to be playing in a pre-season game in less than a week and he seems to be too sure of himself which is something to consider given the year he had in 2023. That should put his weight loss in perspective, no?

I mean, Alek Manoah had a very tough year in 2023, especially after a brilliant year in 2022 when he became an all-star season. He was demoted to the rookie-level Florida Complex League in June and though he made his way back up to the Blue Jays in July, he was sent down again in August to Triple-A Buffalo after which he refused to report to the Bisons on the expected timeline. People spent most of the year blaming his weight for his bad game. So, it tracks that he had weight loss ahead of the next season.

Why Did Alek Manoah Have Weight Loss?

Alek Manoah may have lost weight to improve his pitch. houseandwhips.com
Alek Manoah may have lost weight to improve his pitch.
Image Source: Sports Illustrated

There were rumors that the Blue Jays were parting ways with Manoah after the year he had had. He was shut down by the Jays in September after being injected multiple times in his pitching arm. As if that was not enough, people were constantly body-shaming him, mocking him for being fat, and blaming his weight for his bad throw and game. He was said to be too fat and unserious for baseball. Many suggested that Alek Manoah have a weight loss.

Though the baseball player didn’t take such comments to heart in the beginning and even pushed back against those, as time went on and things got progressively worse for him, remarks about his weight may have taken a toll on him. Maybe that’s the reason why he embarked on a journey to lose weight. There’s a chance that the 30 pounds he lost was to salvage his career even though he hasn’t explicitly mentioned so. Alek Manoah’s weight loss had to be the result of all the online bullying combined with the career-threatening year he had in 2023.

He has not shared much about his physical transformation except that his wife and his brother helped him to commit to fitness.

My wife is an accredited nutritionist and she’s been helping me a lot and my brother with his gym (in Miami) is pushing me hard. The off-season we had with the attention to detail on everything — throwing, stretching, nutrition, hydration. I’m super grateful for the support system I have and not only creating a plan but being able to execute it.

Alek Manoah also mentioned some big changes and he may have referring to his weight loss by that.

Talking about 2023, for me, is kind of not worth it. It’s in the past right now for me, which is really good. It was a tough year. I just feel like this off-season was an extreme focus to detail (on) little things. Then, over time, it just created some big changes.

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