Alyssa Milano From Charmed Once Had a Weight Loss of 46 Pounds!


Alyssa Milano from Charmed had weight loss by following the Atkins diet method. – Alyssa Milano from Charmed has not undergone weight loss recently. She has been this fit and toned since she shed 46 pounds after her second pregnancy. How Alyssa Milano went about weight loss after having her second child is that she started following the Atkins diet. She also does exercise regularly.

Alyssa Milano is mostly recognized as Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed. The actress is also widely known for playing the roles of Samantha Micelli in Who’s the Boss? and Jennifer Mancini in Melrose Place. She has made her name with her portrayal of Billie Cunningham in My Name is Earl, Savannah “Savi” Davis in Mistresses, Renata Murphy in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, and Coralee Armstrong in Insatiable.

Notwithstanding her acting career, Alyssa Milano engraved her name in the pop culture lexicon permanently when she launched the MeToo movement in 2017. She is generally considered a great person who works tirelessly to serve the society where she can. But she has her fair share of controversies. She’s recently embroiled in one. Before we get to that, let’s talk about her weight loss!

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Has Charmed Star Alyssa Milano Had a Weight Loss?

Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) from Charmed has somehow ended up being a subject of weight loss speculations even though it does not appear as though she has lost weight recently.

The Charmed actress Alyssa Milano does not appear to have had weight loss. houseandwhips.comThe Charmed actress Alyssa Milano does not appear to have had weight loss.
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The Melrose Place star, in her Super Bowl appearance, looked just fit as always. She didn’t look noticeably thinner nor did she look bigger. She has very clearly not gone through visible fluctuations in her weight. And yet, the talk and speculations of her losing weight seem to be floating around the internet. If you search for information about her weight loss on the internet, there won’t be anything pertaining to recent times. However, you might get to know about how she lost her weight after her second pregnancy and how she maintained her body since then.

Alyssa Milano gained 50 pounds during her first pregnancy which she shed quite easily. Things were not the same after the Charmed alum had her second child when she was 55 pounds heavier. She did lose 30 pounds with as ease as the first time but the remaining extra 25 pounds just wouldn’t budge and she had to seek professional help for that. Ever since she had weight loss with professional help, she has largely maintained it and been fit. She went from 172 pounds to 126 pounds after she started the Atkins diet.

The Atkins diet is the answer to how Alyssa Milano looks as fit as she does today. After she found that a low-carb diet worked for her during her first pregnancy, she approached her physical transformation that way once again and it worked again. Once she shed pregnancy weight, she took care to maintain herself and that’s the story of her weight loss or fitness. She serves as an ambassador for the brand Atkins diet and she has even written blogs about how she lost weight on their website. You can understand her conviction and belief in that diet.

Charmed Alum Alyssa Milano’s Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Routine!

Alyssa Milano followed the Atkins diet method and lost 46 pounds. houseandwhips.comAlyssa Milano followed the Atkins diet method and lost 46 pounds.
Image Source: Variety

The actress revealed that she ate a net of 40 [grams] carbs in a day and sometimes, it would go down to 20. When she was asked how she lost the baby weight in an interview, this is what she said about her weight loss,

It was a slow, transitional process. I was gravitating in that direction but I wasn’t doing Atkins because I was concerned with, “Oh, I’d need to eat a lot of red meat for the protein.” And I don’t eat red meat. But I found out that you can eat lean meats like fish and chicken and turkey, which is what I was already eating. And then it was an easy fit. I can do this forever. This is just super easy, I don’t have time to think about a meal plan. It’s all there. And I like the fact that I can be part of a community.

Though diet played a huge role in Alyssa Milano‘s initial weight loss, the credit for how she’s been consistently maintaining it goes to her workout routine.

I work out seven days a week. I like classes. I do Zumba and a modern jazz class and Pilates. I’ve found out that you will do what makes you happy, and this makes me happy. I don’t enjoy working out with a coach. We used to live in a very village mentality, when women would come together and help each other through things. We’ve gotten so away from that … but I think it’s important to lift each other up. That’s also what I think maintains stability too. You are a lot less likely to make poor health choices. [Your community] would be disappointed if they saw you fail.

The Charmed star has hit the jackpot with her weight loss and maintenance formula. There’s not much more to Alyssa Milano’s secret to fitness than the Atkins diet and some light workout sessions.