Reddit Suspects Twomad Had Weight Loss Surgery!


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Twomad's followers are very curious about his weight loss. – Twomad underwent a substantial weight loss of about 37 pounds in 2022. The YouTuber was overweight and often faced body-shaming on the internet before the transformation. He got very thin and fit after the weight loss. Reddit users want to know how Twomad never revealed how he lost weight or even if it was a combination of diet and workout routine or surgery or medications. 

Twomad, whose real name is Muudea Sedik, was one of the most popular YouTubers, content creators, and streamers. I don’t know what speaks more of his popularity as an influencer than the fact that he has around 2.18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel (despite him not having uploaded videos on the platform in more than a year) and hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and X.

Twomad started posting videos on YouTube in 2016. He had three channels, one where he made comedy skits, another for streaming video games, and the last one for his commentary and reaction videos. He quickly rose to popularity with the kind of content he made. For a hot second, his content was all anyone could talk about. But after a while, the curiosity regarding his weight loss took over and his followers began to wonder how he lost weight. Reddit users often discuss the change in his physique!

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Twomad’s Weight Loss: He Lost 37 Pounds in 2022!

Twomad (@twomad360) had an impressive weight loss of about 37 pounds (17 kgs) in 2022. The dramatic physical transformation he underwent left everyone in awe.

Twomad had a dramatic weight loss in 2022. houseandwhips.comTwomad had a dramatic weight loss in 2022.
Image Source: TMZ

Muudea Sedik (real name) sure rose to popularity very quickly. His profile grew considerably in a very short time after he started making various types of content and posting it on YouTube. But it was not all great for him because his fame had consequences. Exposure “opened” him up to the public and made him, who was overweight, an easy target of body-shaming and online bullying. Not long after he became famous, he would have a weight loss.

Losing weight is not bad in itself but would Twomad have done it if he hadn’t gotten popularity and it hadn’t opened him to the public for “content consumption”? Granted, he was not in a very impressive shape in 2016 when he first started making videos and there was a lot that he could do to improve his physique and his health overall but the reasons that eventually led him to embark on a weight loss journey were not very right, were they?

It’s as if the YouTuber was bullied (online) to shed weight. The optics of Twomad’s physical transformation is that he lost weight because he didn’t want people body-shaming him and mocking him for being obese and calling him fat. While it’s a great thing that he got fitter and into shape, some Reddit users suspect that he might not have done it the healthy way. They think that he might have had weight loss surgery or that he might have taken medications to lose weight.

I mean, you can’t blame people for thinking that. Twomad had a drastic physical transformation in a very short time. He lost roughly 37 pounds (17 kgs) in a very short time in 2022. It’s natural that his hundreds of thousands of followers who were so used to him looking overweight and heavy would be curious about how he suddenly got all trim and fit. However, he never satisfied their curiosity. Not that he owes anyone any insights into his personal life and details about his weight loss but that does not mean him not revealing how he lost weight would not beget suspicions.

How Do Reddit Users Think Twomad Had Weight Loss?

Twomad is suspected by Reddit users of having surgery to lose weight. houseandwhips.comTwomad is suspected by Reddit users of having surgery to lose weight.
Image Source: The Sun

The content creator did reveal that he was losing weight in 2019 via a tweet which was in reply to Twitch celebrity Dimitri‘s tweet where he urged people to lose weight and get healthier. There’s a chance that he followed some hardcore rigorous regime to get fit and got in shape by 2022 but if that were the case, why wouldn’t he reveal what he did? Why wouldn’t Twomad share his diet plans and his weight loss workout plans?

There’s a good reason why a lot of Reddit users think that he did not lose weight naturally and that he took a shortcut to get trim. They suspect that he had surgery or that he took medications to shed the extra weight. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to lose as much weight as he did. But he never shared anything about the efforts he put into getting in shape. As far as what his followers saw, Twomad one day suddenly just stopped being fat. That’s not how weight loss works (One day, you are fat, and tomorrow, you are not).

Anyway, however it is that he lost weight, we shall never know it now because unfortunately, he has passed away. He will be remembered for his content and even though he never revealed how he got in shape, his weight loss will always continue to inspire people to start their own health and fitness journey. May Twomad rest in peace!