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On September 17, 2023 By Urban

Sky Katz Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight? Is She Pregnant?

Sky Katz has been revealed to have undergone a slight weight gain after the second season of Surviving Summer premiered...
On August 22, 2023 By Urban

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight? Then and Now Pictures Examined!

Tessa Brooks has undergone a noticeable weight loss transformation, dropping 20 lbs. She feels much more robust and healthier now....
On June 20, 2023 By Sharon

Sssniperwolf Before Plastic Surgery: How Was She Like Before Getting Her Nose Done?

SSSniperWolf had a very nasally voice and used to sniffle time and again before getting plastic surgery. On April 2017,...
On June 14, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Mr. Beast’s Weight Loss: Before and After Pictures; How Much Does He Weigh?

Mr. Beast recently shared his weight loss journey on Twitter. The 24-year-old YouTuber definitely looks leaner when you compare his...
On March 31, 2023 By Harvey

Eugenia Cooney’s Weight Gain: How Much Does She Weigh Now?

Some viewers claim Eugenia Cooney might have had a slight weight gain after the 5-month break she took from the...
On December 19, 2022 By Sharon

Michelle Choi’s Plastic Surgery: Reddit Users Believe the 28-Year-Old Star Might Have Had Some Works Done!

Many people believe Michelle Choi has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures including eyelid surgery, a nose job, a lip implant,...
On March 9, 2022 By Urban

Eleanor Neale's Weight Loss Surgery: Everything You Need to Know!

Eleanor Neale shocked her viewers with her extremely drastic weight loss that was impossible to not notice. So far, Eleanor...
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