Shane Dawson’s No Honesty Policy About Plastic Surgery!


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Shane Dawson has not been honest about his plastic surgery.

Shane Dawson has had plastic surgery; a liposuction procedure and a tummy tuck. Going by how the YouTuber revealed that he had the procedure (he claimed that he had lipo performed on him without his knowledge and permission and that the tummy tuck he had was to do something about his ‘messed-up organs’), if he ever had plastic surgery on his face, it looks like he would lie about it. Shane Dawson’s followers seem to think he will get cosmetic procedures because he’s scared of aging.

Shane Dawson is sort of the OG YouTuber. He was one of the first people who ever made it into pop culture through YouTube. He first gained prominence in 2008 when he started to make videos that were mostly comedy sketches in which he would impersonate celebs, play original characters, and make fun of popular culture. His videos garnered over 500 million views in the next two years and then, he became very big in terms of popularity.

Though Shane Dawson was briefly “canceled” for his content with racial stereotypes, he made a comeback after making a public apology and taking accountability for what he did. Besides YouTube videos, he has also released some original songs and two New York Times best-selling books. On an unrelated note, let’s talk about his plastic surgery because, for some reason, his followers have been looking into it!

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Shane Dawson Had Plastic Surgery To Lose Weight!

Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) has had plastic surgery on his body. He had a liposuction procedure and most likely, tummy tuck too. But we can’t really tell because he has not been completely honest about it.

Shane Dawson has had plastic surgery that got rid of his excess weight for him. houseandwhips.comShane Dawson has had plastic surgery that got rid of his excess weight for him.
Image Source: Insider

Everyone knows about Shane’s struggles with his weight. He hasn’t exactly hidden it. Even if he had tried, he wouldn’t have been able to because it always comes out in different ways. People can just tell that he’s going through something when he keeps making videos about food which kind of exposes his eating disorder and when he keeps on using “self-deprecating” humor about his weight. The point is, he’s really insecure about his weight so, it should not be surprising that he had plastic surgery to do something about his body.

However, it’s not the fact that Shane Dawson had weight loss surgery that surprised people. It’s how he put his own spin on it and created a stupid narrative with glaring lies. To this day, nobody really knows the real truth about his liposuction procedure like when he decided to have the procedure, how he prepared for it, how much weight he lost after it, and how he recovered from it. Because he claims that the plastic surgery was performed on him without his prior knowledge and permission.

Believe it or not but Shane Dawson really claimed that he got a liposuction that he hadn’t asked for. However, many people don’t believe that because he has often been known to bend the truth and make up lies but he has never been known to not be insecure about his weight. Given how much his self-esteem was affected and body image issues worsened because of his weight, it’s more likely that he would have plastic surgery to “fix” his body than surgeons would just perform liposuction on him.

Shane Dawson Might Not Be Honest About Plastic Surgery!

Shane Dawson doesn't seem to have been honest about his liposuction. houseandwhips.comShane Dawson doesn’t seem to have been honest about his liposuction.
Image Source: Cosmopolitan 

Shane may also have had a tummy tuck to get his excess skin removed. The surgery he said he had because the extreme weight loss messed up his organs might be a tummy tuck procedure. Or was that the original lipo? It’s hard to keep up with his narratives. So, we can’t really tell how many plastic surgery procedures has he had on his body to shed his excess weight. We can only tell that he has had work done on him.

And going by the way Shane Dawson revealed his cosmetic procedures (he most likely lied about it because he could not ignore it but he didn’t want to admit that it was his decision to get the work done), it does not look like we can ever expect honesty from him in future if he decides to get more plastic surgery. And he will get cosmetic procedures on his face, his fans believe, because of how scared he is of aging.

The YouTuber’s followers believe that he may not adapt well to his changing face as he grows old and would get fillers and Botox to do something about it (So far, it does not look like he has any work done on his face). But he won’t admit to it. Shane Dawson will make up something and make it look like it was not his decision to have plastic surgery and it just happened because of other reasons, like he did with his liposuction procedure. As one of his followers said,

Lol he claims that he just got a f*cking liposuction for free and he didn’t ask for it.This is ridiculous. Surgeons don’t have the right to do any intervention on a patient if they didn’t ask for it and they certainly wouldn’t do it for free. Shane just doesn’t want to admit that he got it done on purpose. I would not be surprised if the guy wants to get some filler or injections or even a face lift considering how scared he is of aging. He will just pretend that he didn’t ask for it. lol.