Seth Green Got Plastic Surgery to Change His Nose?


Seth Green seems to have had plastic surgery to alter his nose.

Seth Green may not strike you as the plastic surgery guy as he does not seem to think much about his appearance but believe me, he does care about how he looks and that’s why he’s got a nose job. Or maybe he just broke his nose and had to get it operated on. Whatever the reason, Seth Green has not confirmed it but he has had plastic surgery on his nose. He has a much smaller and well-shaped nose now compared to before. 

Seth Green is the ultimate geek. He’s the geek of the geeks who built a successful career in an industry that does not value the un-serious actors as much, without taking the artistic and dramatic roles. He’s the consummate funny guy who succeeded in making the industry take him seriously. He has created the most exciting and breakthrough sketch comedies. He can’t help but crack you up. He is truly a prolific comedic actor who has lighted the screen with his presence and humor.

As it is, many would think that Seth Green’s the last person who would get plastic surgery because he seems more like someone who would make fun of it than get it but it looks like they were wrong about that. He looks like he has had a nose job. The difference in his nose from his younger days is very clear. He has most certainly altered his nose to make it smaller. Let’s talk about it!

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Why Did Seth Green Get Plastic Surgery to Alter His Nose?

Seth Green (@sethgreen), fans have noticed, has gotten plastic surgery on his nose. He has never mentioned having a nose job but the difference in his nose in his younger days and recent days is very clear to unsee.

Seth Green has most likely gotten plastic surgery to make his nose smaller. houseandwhips.comSeth Green has most likely gotten plastic surgery to make his nose smaller.
Image Source: Variety

Isn’t Seth one of the funniest guys ever? Doesn’t he just crack you with his awkwardness and adorable uncool? He just seems so unaware, doesn’t he? Like he’s in his own world and does not really care about being the cool one and especially, he does not seem to be bothered with what people perceive of him. Maybe that’s why you had never pegged him for the kind of guy who would get plastic surgery but you might be wrong on that one.

Because clearly, Seth Green is not above getting cosmetic surgery. He seems like someone who would make fun of it, not someone who would get work done. Well, let’s readjust our perspective on him because he has most likely gotten a nose job. Oh, he has. His nose used to be very big when he was younger. It can’t have magically shrunk as he got older, can it? It’s plastic surgery.

You might not see that Green has something done to his nose now but just take pictures of when he was younger and put it side-by-side for comparison and you will see that his nose looks very harmonious with the rest of his facial features in the recent pic unlike in the before pics. Earlier, he used to have a nose twice the size it is now and it kind of threw off the balance and harmony on his face (If you compare, it looks like that). Maybe that’s why he got plastic surgery.

Now, you might think that Seth Green may have undergone a cosmetic procedure but maybe there’s an element of non-vanity to it. People are not ready to accept that he may have gone under the knife for aesthetic reasons but they can’t ignore that he has had work done. So, they have come up with a theory that he had his nose altered because he broke his nose and he had to get it operated on. To them, it sounds more plausible because he’s really not the ‘plastic surgery’ guy.

Seth Green Might Have Gotten Plastic Surgery Because He Got Conscious of His Nose!

Seth Green might have gotten insecure because of his nose. houseandwhips.comSeth Green might have gotten insecure because of his nose.
Image Source: Vulture

I get why people think that. Green is not your typical Hollywood hunk who has gotten ahead in their career with their attractiveness. He has made it with his humor. He’s not preoccupied with how he looks. So, it does not seem like he would ever feel the need to do something about his appearance. He definitely would not get plastic surgery to fix himself.

But you don’t understand. Seth Green‘s nose was huge and not very aesthetic. And even if he may not be known for his handsomeness, he’s bound to feel something about it because it was very prominent and he’s in showbiz. Some people have said about his nose that ‘it would have been a career killer.’ He may not have shown that he cared about the way his nose looked but maybe it did affect him which made him decide to go the plastic surgery route.

Now, he has a much nicer-looking nose that really does not take from his face. It looks a bit pointed up and it has more curve to it too. It’s not as wide across his face as it used to be and it is perfectly shaped now. He has gotten the best nose job if he has gotten anything at all. Seth Green has never confirmed having plastic surgery of any kind.